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Rinspeed officially debuts autonomous Tesla-based XchangE concept


If you’re the kind of one percenter who can’t wait to be ferried about business class style in your autonomous car, then you’ll probably love the latest concept from think tank Rinspeed.

The car, based on the Tesla S, is designed pretty much entirely for comfort rather than performance. Perhaps the place this is most obvious is in the seats, which are reminiscent of the relaxing business-class seats of major airlines.

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Unlike most business class seats however, these ones can offer a host of adjustment, tilting and swiveling options and are designed by Otto Bock Mobility Solutions, renowned for its high-end medical prosthetics.

The steering wheel meanwhile is reportedly capable of recognising when a driver has their hands on it and wants to take over control of the car. When it’s not in use, the think tank says, it can “simply be ‘parked’ in the middle of the instrument panel.

The infotainment system comes courtesy of Harman. In the “XchangE” it offers numerous functions for navigation, entertainment, assistance and services that are displayed on a total of four screens. A 1.2-meter-wide display strip in the steering-wheel support provides important information in wide-screen format. A 32-inch 4K monitor in the rear apparently transforms the “XchangE” into a “highly comfortable on-demand UHD movie theatre” on wheels.

Other seriously techie features include LTE access, an RFID-based intelligent access control system and interior packed full of LED’s designed to shine in such a way as to calm drivers down.

Oh, there’s also a Carl F. Bucherer wrist watch implanted in the dashboard, because that’s important…somehow.

The Rinspeed XchangE concept will debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

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