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All posts tagged "Belarus"

  • International websites banned in Belarus

    Residents of Belarus, an eastern European country, are now forbidden from accessing foreign websites. Any citizen who breaks the new law is liable to face a fine of up to US$125. All entrepreneurs and companies in Belarus will now have to register as part of the compliance for the new law. If the company or private individual offers commercial services, only local email, hosting and payment providers can be used. This vaguely...

  • The worst internet countries on Earth

    The Freedom On The Net 2011: A Global Assessment of internet and Digital Media is a study that highlights threats to internet freedom such as cyber attacks, politically-motivated censorship, and government control over internet infrastructure, but also highlights countries that are pro-internet freedom. For the report's methodology and more detail check out Freedom House's full analysis. Here follows an overview of countries that pose the biggest threat to internet freedom: Burma In a country with a population of 48-million, a paltry 40 000 or so users have some form of internet access, most of whom daringly surf the web beneath the...