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All posts tagged "Internet security"

  • Kaspersky: manufacturing industry sees most cyber attacks in H1 2017

    Cybersecurity has been at the forefront of conversation for companies and individuals this year, especially in the wake of the Equifax hack, the Deloitte breach, and Yahoo's big revelation yesterday. But which industries are the most attacked? Kaspersky today issued its Threat Landscape for Industrial Automation Systems in H1 2017 report that revealed some notable worldwide internet security trends. Based on the company's findings, March was the most active month for cyber attacks so far. Kaspersky also claims its products blocked around 37.6% of attack attempts on ICS computers in the first half of 2017. "This figure was almost unchanged compared to the previous...

  • WCIT-12: the future of the internet could be decided by a conference

    Last week we reported on the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT-12), hosted by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), and some of the proposed modifications that they intend to discuss. The negotiations which aim to take a fresh look at an old treaty drawn up before the internet even existed, have started today behind closed doors in Dubai. On the official Google Blog, internet pioneer, Vint Cerf, has voiced his concern and...

  • Online tracking: how you can reduce and stop being tracked

    We've spoken about the tracking that happens in the background while you are surfing the web a couple of times this year. The most recent incident, involving the sites of the US presidential candidates has brought the issue back into stark relief. For many this has no relevance as it happens "secretly"; you don't even know about it. Having worked for an online advertising company in the past, I was amazed to learn what actually can be done with Adware, spyware, malware and the rest of the "ware's". In some cases it almost seemed criminal. Tracking software is basically used...

  • Is your password “123456” or “ninja”? Here’s why you should change it

    SplashData, a password management applications producer, has listed the 25 worst and scariest passwords used. According to the site, "password", "123456" and "12345678" still top the list from last year as the most common passwords used on the internet, but new to the list is "Jesus", "ninja", "mustang" and believe it or not "password1." Users "of any of these passwords are most likely to be victims in future breaches," the company says. Millions...

  • Social media and smartphones: a hacker’s territory

    According to recent reports by industry's top security firms, malicious hackers are now following their unsuspecting prey onto smartphones and social networking hotspots. In the latest volume of its Internet Security Threat Report, Symantec, one of the largest corporations for internet security, further mentions that cyber criminals are now also gearing up attacks on business and government networks with an increase in sophistication and frequency. Symantec depicted a "massive" volume of more than 286 new computer...