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All posts tagged "WAP"

  • The battle: WAP vs. APP

    Firstly, lets consider that WAP really is just 'the internet'. Gone are the days where reference was made to WAP and a superbly less-superior technology springs to mind. Today, WAP offers an entirely new breed of tech, but one that's due to the same brainfart that gave birth to the mobile application revolution. Often referred to as the smartphone - a device which has PC-like capabilities. Throughout this article I refer specifically to PC-like browsing on smartphones when I speak about the 'new WAP'). In the developed world, this is something that is already sporting a surging adoption rate, however in...

  • The mobile web: Why the future really is on the small screen

    According to a report on Reuters last year, world wide mobile phone subscriptions reached 3.3-billion users or half the world’s population. Compare this to television usage (about 1,5-billion users) or desktop internet usage (about 1,1-billion users), and it is not hard to see why there is so much excitement about the potential of the mobile web. In Japan more than 70% of internet access is via mobile phones as opposed to desktop internet...

  • Upwardly mobile: Content on cellphones is the killer app

    Since the ugly days of wap, phones have got a lot smarter and more efficient at accessing the web. Cellphone screens are getting bigger and more colourful. Screen resolutions are edging higher and internet connections becoming faster. It’s become easier to connect to the internet than ever before via your cellphone. Most cellphones now come with internet settings preset by the networks, so a user doesn’t have to go through the often complicated...

  • Web 2.0 a Poo Sandwich?

    net savvy Web 2.0 a Poo Sandwich? Some say “Web 2.0” is just the latest meaningless buzzword in a long list of internet hyperbole. But Matthew Buckland argues that such labels can be useful. A well-known blogger wrote that whenever he hears the phrase “Web 2.0” he feels a little bit stupider for the rest of the day. Critics have dismissed the term as the latest meaningless, hyperbolic obfuscation to hit the...

  • Cellphone and new media — Promised Land?

    There is a common lament among online publishers these days, and it goes something like this: If only the internet was invented by a businessman. For online publishers, the internet is free. It’s always been free and that’s why – unless you’re an ISP, a niched content service or a porn site – it’s been so difficult to pry revenue out of it. So you can imagine online publishers’ delight at the arrival...