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All posts tagged "web censorship"

  • Russian parliament approves controversial web censorship bill

    The Russian parliament has approved a bill which will allow the government to shut down websites hosting content they deemed "harmful." If signed into law, it will see the creation of a system to monitor and blacklist websites. An amendment to Russia's Act for Information, bill 89417-6 was put forth by a committee concerned with internet security. They say it was designed to allow the government to remove pornography, suicide advice and content which encourages drug use, but it has drawn criticism from activists who oppose online censorship. Wikipedia shut down the Russian version of its site earlier this...

  • Google joins fray to fight global internet censorship

    Via an AP story on Wired.com Google, which hasn't in the past got too involved in government affairs and advocacy issues, is now joining the fight against the rise of web censorship worldwide. This is an interesting departure, because surely this will inevitably put Google on a collision course with the Chinese government? In the past Google has been careful not to pick a fight with strategic China which prevents users from accessing...