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  • Think you’re missing one with 8million registered users in ZA, KE & NG. What made you choose these 8?

  • Rowan Puttergill

    Hi Rafiq

    Which network are you referring to? If you feel I’ve left one out, I really encourage readers to leave constructive comments so that other readers can benefit.

    I originally selected 10 different networks, but due to space constraints we had to cut a couple of them. I selected these 8 as my final choices largely because I think that they are innovative and have some unique sale points that differentiate them from many of the other networks I have looked at. Of course, there are literally thousands of these networks around now, so it is quite possible that I missed a few that had something amazing to offer.

    Once again, I would like to reiterate… “if you have a favourite that you think deserves a mention, please feel free to add it in the comments”.

    Thanks for reading.

  • What about 2GO?

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  • Thx for this great article.

  • Thx for this great article.

  • admin2@veepiz.com

    Rafiq’s figures are blown up! Just like Rowan, am also really interested in finding out what network he is talking about. Facebook has a less number of users in those countries combined. Actually the figure is approximately 2 million users in those countries combined. A quarter of the 8 million users you mentioned. Let alone the African internet penetration even with mobile pentration rate does not support such figures. What network is that? Maybe he is talking about a mobile phone network like Airtel.lol

  • Guest

    Outdated meego OS? Childish interface? Are you smoking crack? 
    “the soft glow of a screen running over our face is the way life is.” That’s not the way life should be. I for one value my eyesight.

  • Anonymous

    Truly open OS is one of the strongest points of the phone, not its weakest.
    Poor review, lacking insight and knowledge of the device (and general IT).

  • guest

    this is a (not so) great review this guy does not even know what he is on about, this guy sounds like an android fan boy the os is awesome dopey.

  • I’ll probably get this phone, it looks like it does everything well that I’d need. I’ve never been bothered by the lack of apps as most phones have all you generally need. A lot of apps have pretty marginal value from what I can see. 

  • Anonymous

    Hey, open is cool but there is no excuse for the OS being awful. Look at Ubuntu and Fedora. Both amazing, both open. Look at Meego. Awful. These two OS are done well. I love all phones, all mobile OS. N9, beautiful design, horrid OS. More comments please :)

  • Hey, open is cool but there is no excuse for the OS being awful. Look at Ubuntu and Fedora. Both amazing, both open. Then there is Meego. Awful. These two OS are done well. I love all phones, all mobile OS. N9, beautiful design, horrid OS. More comments please :)

  • DannyMan

    I agree with the comments, please do some more research before writing any kind of review…

    – The N9 does NOT come in a 32 GB version… only 16 and 64 GB.
    – MeeGo is definitely NOT a sloppy OS. It’s extremely responsive, it’s open, it’s new and a real alternative to the iOS/Android/WP OS. 

    – “Head down, mute and with the soft glow of a screen running over our face is the way life is. Attempting to change this result delivers an OS like MeeGo”. —> WTF? Maybe your life is like that, which is sad. Mine isn’t, and so should everyone else’s. Your phone isn’t your life, and because MeeGo is so intuitive, as you said so yourself, you can do you what you need to do and carry on with your life. It makes things easier, faster and more you become more efficient. Basically what a smartphone should do to help you in your everyday life.

    – The music app is basic, just as the music app on an iPhone or iPod touch. It offers exactly the same options. Don’t make it sound as if it were even more basic than the rest by adding the word “exceptionally”.

    – The OVI store does not have 1000 apps, more like just over 100 000. Do some research before writing. Really, at this point I was extremely annoyed. Guess I should have stopped reading, but I just couldn’t stay quiet with such wrong info. And who the bloody hell needs 500 000 fart apps?? Just take what you need.

    – “Sadly, it is let down by MeeGo and various design-flaws which spit in the face of its beautiful design.”
    MeeGo isn’t a let down, your article is. Which are the design flaws? Don’t criticize it if you’re saying it’s beautiful right after… its confusing.

    – Last but not least, learn how to take some macro photos before posting them as examples! For example, put the focus on the LEAVES closest to the camera and not on the WALL. Unless that’s what you wanted to do, in which case the macro works perfectly. It has an awesome camera. Period. 

    Anyway, I’ll stop losing my time and please please please keep an open-mind before writing a review, as it will influence people in their purchase. And giving the right info on specs and other things might be useful…

  • Moron. Focus wrong area in the images, obviously blur lah! Outdated? Childish? iPhone also, thats why so popular. Pls do some research, best mobile phone camera? Jumping onto conclusions without comparing. Do some good and quit your job.

  • Ccsvchost

    meego has nothing to do with symbian and is based on linux. its first version was made in 2010. so how is this phone’s os outdated?

  • B Walter

    How can you make such a review if you don’t have any idea about what you are talking about?
    – Meego is not a “simplified” version of Symbian, it is a new OS, based on linux and which shines for its performance and its multitasking.
    – The simple UX is innovative. You think it is “simplified” because it is easy to know what you are looking for. It is simply efficient, even more than an Iphone
    – The camera is not the best one in the market. It is just good.

    Shame on you.

  • Mrkg101

    This guy is obviously clueless when it comes to what certain people want from their phones.
    I,ve had an iPhone now for over three years and obviously seen improvements in terms of its O.S but the  fluidity of it annoys me and I constantly have problems with the home button after a year of use to the point of  it becoming non responsive. Thus this is where Meego stands out, an O.S fluid in in nature, no home or back buttons like the guy said said even if you’ve never used it before within minutes u know how to use it. I can imagine that with a week of use I’m able to get things done at a fraction of the time it would take me with the iPhone.
    In terms of apps I believe that the N9 is able to run android apps through the alien dalvik software anyway so theres choice enough, the nokia store has plenty of useful apps anyway,also like that guy who posted earlier said how many fart apps do you want and plus my days of getting excited about buying apps are over I have plenty on my iPhone yet probably only use 20%of them anyway.
    So the question begs Who is this Phone For. Well for me its people who want a simple clean experience with their phone and none of the other nonsense.

  • I have to say that I think the review is off on a number of issues and I think that the appeal of the intuitive interface will serve the phone and users very well.  I can assure you that, being a heavy user, that I am intrigued by what the device offers.

    The one point I would agree on is the folder creation and while I think it really minor, it often these minor tweaks that deliver the most from a user point of view.  

    I think that this phone will have huge appeal among the man in the street user, but the price tag may be a little of a hinderence.  Having said that I am sure that the networks will flock to have this as part of the their offering and the deals could be better than both the iPhone and now defunct Blackberry.

  • Juditha

    I’m not a nerdy phone user. I do not even no what a meego is. As a standard everyday user I liked the slide to the left homescreen, the camera and battery life.

    What I really disliked was the awkward and cheap looking design of the device. But worse than that was the childish candy type OS made the phone feel cheaper. It feels like it’s targeting teenagers – maybe it is. But not for me. I still love my iPhone.

    As for the review I loved it very tongue in cheek. It seems as though the writer really wanted to love the phone – but couldn’t.


  • dear writer, are you for real?
    you need to spend more time with technology.


  • Oh, my.. I read this: “The interface, a simplified version of Symbian known as Meego is crap.” and stopped reading. This is MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan (essentially Maemo) but I guess there’s no way you could have heard about that, right?

  • Wilhelm

    One of the most idiotic review ever! 

  • Prashant Sankhla

    One of the worst reports you will find. Definitely misleading one.

  • Dday672

    Its funny how the readers know more about the OS than the writer. The writer of this review is a fool and knows nothink about technology.. I love the N9

  • “How hard was it to create folders Nokia?”

    Last time I looked neither iPhone nor Android have a folder structure, something all phones, including Nokia have had since the dawn of time.

  • Guest

    Meego OS is the best OS in the market. Real multitasking, usb on the go, beautiful UI (not like ios which seems totally outdated). Real linux, not crappy java like android. 

  • Wow, Steve Norris guess you just experienced what is known as an Epic Fail ! Gearburn please help your writers with research on their stories, Steve obviously doesn’t do research

  • Guest

    get your facts right.  That you don’t like the interface is fine, that you think its symbian shows you know less about it than my 7 year old.

  • Look, it’s a flying pink elephant! Seriously guys… does it hurt so much when N9 is the best that there is.
    “This is how Apple turned the iPhone from a handset into magical gateway through which you can realise your wildest dreams.”

  • Linuxfanboy

    What do mean  “a simplified version of Symbian known as Meego”, what are you on? At the same time you are thanking the battery life time and bashing the operating system that made that possible. Do you even know what term “Operating system” means?

  • Linuxfanboy

    Ubuntu and Fedora on a touch screen phone, really. Please tell where I can get one?

  • out-of-social-networks-guy

    From what you wrote I can only conclude that I really like this phone. Although it’s not available right now, I will definitely try to get it. And the first thing I will do with it, I will uninstall all facebook and twitter related crap, if it is pre-installed on it. And guess what – I need very few “apps” on the phone. I need a good address book, I need a good calendar and a good notebook – just to take notes, when I need them. A maps app, like ovi maps, is an optional addition. That’s it – apart from that I need a good looking phone that is capable of making calls!

  • amazing, he still speaks! Steve, Steve, you have been proved to not have a clue. Don’t continue putting the spotlight  on yourself. Use this as a learning experience on how to do a proper review. I’ll give you some help, first thing you should do say “I will first of all investigate, research, study what I am going to write about”.

  • Pier Francesco Lion Stoppato

    “The interface, a simplified version of Symbian known as Meego is crap.” as other said, this statement shows that you are not well informed and did not do any homework before writing. Meego is a flavour of linux as Android is. Nothing to do with Symbian

  • WTF?
    Have u ever heard about Maemo!!!
    am using Nokia n900 from last two years, now planning to get Nokia N9.
    and only reason am buying these mobiles is “Open source” Linus OS.
    Meego is one of the most advanced and responsive OS , linux kernel 2.48 is being used here,

  • Ray

    Steve, you need to get different job!

  • Cns18

    Is there a report as spam button somewhere on this article?

  • Not sure what all the fuss is about this is a pretty good review all things considered. All the reviewer is stating is if you like a lot of apps this phone isn’t for you but I don’t think that’s as bigger issue as some consider it to be – most people don’t use more than 3 or 4 apps regularly anyway.
    I’m quite hopeful for the N9 – I just wish it was available in the UK.

  • Chris

    The author is clearly a mistaken fanboy as there is no possibility of finding the OS on the N9 inferior to IOS or Android. It is faster, more responsive and more intuitive than either of those. As others have commented, there aren’t so many apps but there are enough for most people.
    I can’t imagine what Linuxfanboy wants from Linux that isn’t in Meego but is in Fedora and Ubuntu. What a bizarre idea.
    As far as Juditha is concerned, you clearly have never touched this device. The feel of the device is generally high quality with good weight and for me it is a perfect size for my hand. I can’t see how you think it is any more childish than the iPhone. You prefer the muted brown, grey and orange tones of the iPhone rather than the bright pink, green and blue of the N9? Wow that’s really a reason to slam something as rubbish. Good effort.

  • Anonymous

    Smells very much like astro-turfing for WP…
    All the hw’s awesome but the sw’s mostly absolutely shite.
    It has to be, otherwise that’d be too much of a threat for WP, right?

    So many inaccuracies, & FUD it’s not funny.
    Sad to see people can’t be impartial & open to exploring w/o bias or preconceived notions.

    WP users at TMO/MeeGo forums “regularly” express things they like about Harmattan.*
    And believe it or not, it’s often (if not mostly) to do with the OS/SW.

    *& don’t like!

  • just SMDH. PLease Sir quit, don’t continue to embarrass yourself

  • Anonymous

    The sad thing is you don’t even say anything compelling in as-to-why the UI/OS is “horrible”.
    You just keep spouting… “um, it’s horrible”…..
    Doesn’t inspire much confidence in your technical know-how?

    Just as one e.g….
    It’s “not” the best cameraphone on the market, there’s “at least” 2 others that are superior.
    But that’s not it’s focus, so it can be forgiven.

  • Anonymous

    this guy likes to get iphone in the mouth while android is giving it to him from behind. what a horrible, biased, uninformative, poorly researched review. never reading anything else from this site.

  • Anonymous

    so “The interface, a simplified Linux mobile OS known as Meego is crap” but “I was able to understand the OS fully from intuition alone” …. so which is it ??

    and you are also confusing os with ui.  finally the harmattan ui is absolutely NOTHING like that of symbian. have you even actually seen symbian?? that is the most uninformed thing i have read about the n9, ever. really, you showed a lot of ignorance there.

    incidentally, a recent study (of android users) found that 20 apps account for over 50% off ALL app usage and the top 50 apps account for almost 2/3 of all app usage time. Thus, you are quite correct that, in terms of apps “It’s everything you require right out of the box.”… it’s just that you personally need 500,000 apps.  so who are you writing the review for; yourself, or the general public…???

    let me guess: you are an apple fan???

  • Anonymous

    “the childish candy type OS … feels like
    it’s targeting teenagers – maybe it is. But not for me. I still love my

    oh my god, the irony…..

  • Christian

    This is just ridonkulous. It’s like you haven’t done any research and are just plain biased and against it. The N9 is a beautiful phone and MeeGo is a great OS. I’m glad you corrected your use of “hear” too.

  • Hello

    is it my imagination or do I sense a few Finish accents in these comments ;-)

  • Absolutely no credibility in this article. I certainly am not a huge Nokia fan, but this article flies in the face of everything written by respected tech sites related to the N9. As for the photos showing ‘bad macro quality’, what exactly was the point of focus ? Neither image demonstrated any real attempt at a macro shot… so if no basic understanding of photography, must we trust the opinion on the phone as a whole ?

  • Juditha

    Once you physically have it in your hands and actually see what the OS looks like you’d understand – I was ready to give it back within the first day!

  • Anonymous

    “i’m not a nerdy phone user” (just a cr@ppletard) … and yet here you are, talking about your experience with an iphone and an n9… ! 

  • Juditha

    I had it for a week – did not like it at all. When I held it – it felt too plastic, reminded me of a cheap car part. Of course it is personal – I am a standard user that buys phones because it’s aesthetically appealing – hoped the N9 would’ve done the same as the iPhone in terms of aesthetics, but it failed. On that point, as a consumer – I won’t buy it!

  • Anonymous

    agree, clearly this person has never touched the phone. just another cr@ppletard troll with no brains.

  • Juditha

    Wow such ‘apple’ hate – I still have my iPhone – love it. Was just testing the N9 – anyway i’ve checked out your profile you’re a hater so that’s it from me. You hate iPhone – I hate N9 – we’re all winners here :)

  • chris

    Maybe it’s personal preference or you were using a fake. I have one sitting on my desk right now and there is no way that 99% of it can be described as a cheap car part. There are one ot two things I don’t like but it feels better than any Sony, Motorola or HTC I’ve ever used. Perhaps you like bling and bits stuck on as a measure of quality but being a minimalist, the plain one piece design is exactly the kind of thing that appeals to me. I’ve dropped this on a hard floor three times now and it is unmarked. I doubt most phones would survive without a scratch like that (although I’ve never dropped an iPhone!)

  • Wraggieone

    Your way off mate!!! Scary that people might just read this and write the N9 off. Amazing device, beautiful, practical and simple to use. What ever you do don’t let this review be the last thing you read about the N9. Check it out.

  • jl

    my god…stupid review!! how can meego be outdated ?? its simply more simple to use than an iphone or android….. N9 is far away the best mobile today, the only one that gives us gps without internet connection (so you can use it without roaming outside your country!!! gps of apple can be used only in your country….stupidity). The only negative point is the folders…and its not so important… and in a few weeks we will be able to run android apps on it…….. people should stop thinking apple is god…

  • Pkv2

    nokia fired 1000+ meego developers just before the alliance with MS, just think about its future

  • Pkv2

    and it is the first and last meego phone from nokia

  • chris

    Who cares if it is Nokia’s last phone as long as it’s good. People are obsessed by this. This didn’t matter five years ago. Why start worrying about it now?

  • V Morkoxbox

    I willl kill you!!!

  • Satyyri

    I can’t understand why people go to forums and say this is bad phone, I have this and this don’t buy this one. If person have some understanding and own will he or she could make decision by him or herself. Of course they have to try the thing or read many reviews. But I don’t say to my friends that you wife is bad looking or like that you wife must have bigger tits. Everybody likes what she or he likes. And If somebody make opinion, he or she to my opinion have to say what that opinion based on.

  • Anonymous

    where does it say i hate iphones? can you read? i have many more likes than you…. i am the real winner.

    just as a matter of interest, on what basis were you able to have and test an n9 for 1 week……?? can you share with us all ???

  • Anonymous

    hey crappletard fanboi, you’d better buy an iphone 4s before it becomes a collectors’ item – when samsung starts asserting their dual antenna switching patent rights…

  • Vieras

    Your imagination.

    Don’t need to be finnish to notice that this article sucks ass and the writer is an ignorant noob.

  • Illo

    This is an idiot review!!!

  • Harry Finch

    After my bad experiences with Android (battery drain, lag ,questionable long-term privacy) I am very pleased to see a phone like this.

    iPhone would obviously be an option, too. However, it has become the symbol of things I don’t want to be associated with: ignorance and lack of taste (yes, taste doesn’t necessarily equal to what all tabloid celebrities and teens wave in their hands)

    Just watch this video and you get a feel of the devotion that has gone into this phone:
    Now, that is something I call “taste”.

  • Dan Weber


    -This seems to be the only commented article on your remote website.

    -On your Twitter-account you praise Apple and bash all other brands.

    Dude, that was a nice one.
    Big fat provocation. :D

    You really know how to draw attention for a moment.
    However, those advertisements at the top aren’t still getting much visibility in the long run…

  • Xari3l

    I feel the writer owes the general public an apology for his utterly incompetent and uninformed article.

  • I was going to post a comment pointing out the reviewers obvious ignorance but you folks have done such a great job I don’t have to.

  • Rasmus Kristensen

    well thats all bullshit. “First and last meego phone”.. Its not even MeeGo, its Maemo6/Meego Harmattan, so its basically the difference between Froyo and Gingerbread.

    Do realize that MeeGo Harmattan (on the N9) isnt the same MeeGo that is now forming into Tizen? They are completely different things. The name does however make it very confusing to talk about the two MeeGo products…

    Maemo5 was also the only phone with maemo5, first and last. But there was maemo4 behind it. It wasnt a big deal. Same with Maemo6/Meego Harmattan. Its not a big deal if its the last or first or both.

  • Rasmus Kristensen

    Okay, look at the N900 once nokia abandoned it. Check out CSSU, the usermade FW updates. The future of N9 is basically PR 1.1 coming shortly with 3500 chages. PR 1.2 is a featurepacked update which isnt finalized yet. Nokia will support the device until 2015.

    Im thinking MAYBE, just MAYBE, I might have a new phone by 2015.

    Its not a fucking house or a 2milliondollar car. Its a phone. You will replace it before 2015 unless youre insane. Since the N97 was released (oh the horror), Ive personally had the N97, the N900, the N8, the SGS2 and the N9.

  • Rasmus Kristensen

    theres no USBotg yet.

  • Rasmus Kristensen

    Disregarding the applehater:

    If you are refering to the iconset you can change it to whatever you prefer.

    Ive had the phone in my hands for a month now, and while its a matter of taste, I love the feel and design of the phone. It feels sturdy and solid, sleek and elegant. Unlike the Iphone4 which feels heavy and fragile, and isnt as comfortable to handle.

    Again; if the “childlike” thing you mentioned is about icons and graphics these are all changeable.

    Also, marketing to teenagers is what Iphone does best, which makes what you claim very ironic :) .

  • Anonymous

    Juditha also said the phone looked cheap. It is very obvious from this comment that he/she has not ever held one in their hands.  The device looks and feels pure quality.  It actually doesn’t even feel like polycarbonate… it feels like some space age anodised aluminium or something.  It is superb to hold. The device exudes quality all over.

  • Rasmus Kristensen

    The polycarbonate doesnt feel like plastic in the plastic sense at all, it feels like brushed aluminum. Thats basically a fact, not subjective. If you feel differently then you have abnormal connotations.

  • Pete

    the most retarded review i have seen in my life!