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Steve Jobs Apple Tribute

Tim Cook pays tribute to Steve Jobs on anniversary of Apple co-founder’s death

Steve Jobs died a year ago today. Go over that in your head for a moment. Remember all those tributes? Think about where Apple’s gone as a company since the passing of its iconic leader.

Stuart Thomas: Senior Reporter
Stuart Thomas joined the Burn Media team in 2011 while finishing off an MA in South African Literature. Eager to prove his geek credentials, he allowed himself... More


A year on, the person leading the tributes to the innovator who helped build Apple up from the ground — and revive its flagging fortunes after a decade in exile — was his successor Tim Cook.

A video tribute to Jobs, which appears on Apple’s home page today, is followed by a letter from the Cupertino-based giant’s current CEO.

Ordinarily I would take extracts from the letter before posting the full text. Today, all I’m going to say is, read it:

The video should play fine if you’re on a Mac. If you’re on a PC, saving it and running through VLC might be a better option. Once the video has finished playing in your browser, Cook’s letter appears and the rest of the site becomes accessible again.

It’s a great video and, for our money, beats wearing a turtleneck today.

  • AgNO3

    I feel like the author forgets that 90% of the Watch was done under jobs. I just see no reason to want a watch that is attached to my phone an doesn’t do much without also having the phone. Other might thats fine, I don’t. I don’t want to take my phone and my watch to the beach or the gym. Is this a good start? Sure. Personally if I wanted a square watch I would go back to 2003 and get one from Hermes