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Estate agent calls black people ‘monkeys’ in racist Facebook post

Penny Sparrow, a white estate agent, has raised the ire of South African social media with a Facebook post comparing black people to monkeys.

In her post, Sparrow claims that “these monkeys that are allowed to be released on New Years Eve[sic] and new years day[sic] on to public beaches towns etc obviously have no education what so ever [sic] and to allow them loose is inviting huge dirt and discomfort to others.”

“From now,” she adds, “I.[sic] Shall [sic] address the blacks of South Africa as monkeys as I see the cute little wild monkeys do the same pick drop and litter [sic]”.

You can read the post in full below:

Penny Sparrow

With a little digging, it transpired that Sparrow was, until recently, an agent for real estate company Jawitz in Scottburgh — a small seaside town South of Durban.

In a statement released on Facebook, Jawitz Scottburgh disassociated itself with Sparrow, pointing out that she had not worked for the agency since November 2015.

Penny Sparrow has not worked for Jawitz Scottburgh since November 2015. We do not tolerate or share her views!

Posted by Jawitz Scottburgh on Sunday, January 3, 2016

The post was met with near universal scorn on Twitter, with some suggesting that Sparrow’s attitude is symptomatic of the industry as a whole:

Others took advantage of the fact that Sparrow’s number was available online and let her know exactly what they thought of her monkey comments:

There was also evidence that Sparrow’s post was not an isolated one-off:

Image: Property24.

Author | Stuart Thomas: Senior Reporter

Stuart Thomas: Senior Reporter
Stuart Thomas joined the Burn Media team in 2011 while finishing off an MA in South African Literature. Eager to prove his geek credentials, he allowed himself to be thrown in the deep and did his best to stay afloat. When not fused with his keyboard, you can find... More
  • M.W. Somerville

    The most biting piece of criticism for Sparrow’s post is the result of a formal report of evidence: the bracketed use of “sic.” (Well done, Thomas.)

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  • IAmSipho

    But, nobody debates whether she was right or wrong. She was right, even if she was not PC


    The excessive use of [sic] is almost as bad as the grammatical errors being highlighted. Quotation marks are usually sufficient for sensible readers to know someone is being quoted verbatim.

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  • You must be a worse racist to think that calling you fellow black people monkeys is right. In SA beaches black and white people loiters alike. I stay about 100 metres from the beach and from where I stay I have full view of the beach. When beaches are full, they are bound to have litter. Maybe the problem is that, during apartheid it was only a white minority who have access to beaches and even then, municipalities employed people to clean up because they did get dirty. How can you expect a million of people flooding to the beaches to leave no dirt. All around the world, during festive, beaches got dirty regardless of what color are the users. Enough about these people, it’s high time they go back wherever they came from.

  • IAmSipho

    Well, if you spread your filth like a monkey, be prepared to be called a monkey. Although monkeys probably will feel insulted Try to spin it whichever way you want

  • You are another racist who needs to emigrate to Australia, you have no place in our South Africa, one would reckon Mugabe was totally right, a certain race was not made to leave in harmony with other races, it’s evident.

  • IAmSipho

    “made to leave in harmony” Ha ha. That sums it up. What is “our South Africa” anyway? We built the goddamned place that you were handed and are living in and are breaking down at the same time. There is no cure for Africa. A bloody lost cause. Evolution passed it by

  • I think YOU ARE the lost cause my man and your anger and hatred towards other humans can only eat you slowly like cancer and one day you will bust like this pig on the topic and land yourself in hot water. The fact is, you are the foreigner in this land and you have to live with that. No amount of hatred and insult will change that Africa is for Africans.

    One day, just one day, you will wake up and find out that, Africa have reclaimed their “whole land” and you are in a plane or vessel back to wherever your ancestors came from. Watch this space!

  • IAmSipho

    Nxumalo- From Central and East Africa. If I am foreigner, so are you. But you lot only were raping an pillaging when we set eyes on each other the first time. We stopped you in your tracks and started building, but unfortunately WESTERN liberalism handed all that to you and you are now busy destroying it. There is no cure. You know, the average sub-Saharan IQ of 67 shines brightly here in the RSA

  • Don’t say you was not warned, when in the near future the Royal Navy fleet pull over in the Cape harbor to evacuate all of your kind.

  • IAmSipho

    Even if that silly dream of yours come true, we were still the builders and you are the destroyers. Unable to grasp what civilisation is all about, but loving the bling that comes with it. And silly shits like you probably will rot away in the gutter where you have been shot like a dog. And in 50 years your retarded offspring will be hating the Chinese. You lot are a hopeless case

  • Either east, west or south, you are from Europe and I am from Africa and when time comes you will go back there and I will remain here.

  • Since you are stupid enough to think that civilization is European, your grasp to African resources, that you inherited from your evil ancestors is slowly but surely diminishing, and rest assured sooner you, the ‘white south Africans’ will learn this the hard way.

  • IAmSipho

    You will also learn something the hard way, just like you did at Blood River, Anglo Zulu war, Xhosa war, and others. Intelligence in the end wins

  • It must be you who never learned how easy you can be evacuated back to Europe. It doesn’t even take a barrel. Ask Mugabe.

  • IAmSipho

    People like me are not going to be evacuated anywhere. But if, by chance it happens, I’ll make sure that some of the retards (like you) will not enjoy what the white man built. I’ll literally leave you in the proverbial gutter where we dragged you from

  • IAmSipho

    And now I’ve had enough of you

  • Voetsek, your racist rubbish. Go hang yourself.

  • We shall expropriate without compensation and nationalize all the properties and mansions in Cape where these racist bigots hide.

  • pv

    Sad to say, but without IAmSipho, you are nothing.

  • I think it’s other way around. Look, he is not even brave enough to get white username (Van Wyk or Botha etc), and you know why? He is ashamed of being himself, white; knowing the evil deeds his forefathers did to mankind, all over the world. The sacred race.

  • pv

    Will South Africa face the same fate as Rhodesia? Take a close look and reflect on the prosperity. What prosperity do you show today? Just reflect.

  • We take lessons from such events such as Rhodesia, so not to repeat them, but surely equality shall be addressed, one way or another. Does it sound right that the people who were wronged and suffered are the ones who seems to be sucking it up in their own backyard, why? I will always prefer a poor but free Africa than a rich but oppressed Africa.

  • Spaffy

    And what about us normal, post apartheid white people that don’t share the same view as people like IAmSipho?

  • pv

    I wish you well, but it’s difficult for me to comprehend your position. I don’t understand how the minority can oppress the majority.
    Poverty sets the new standard.
    Be well and prosper.

  • I’m sorry Spaffy, I was just frustrating this idiot who think in this day and age, there is space for racist people such as the one by this woman on the topic. We all shall condemn in strongest terms all kind and types of racism and it refreshing to know that there are still white people like you. It will take more than just one generation to remove all the racist bigots who benefited in apartheid era and obsessed by the change of events.

  • Read from your history and find out how savages in ships came to Africa’s shores and oppressed millions of her peaceful co-existing children.

  • Steve Louw

    I’m not condoning Sparrows comments but when Julius Malema called Helen Zille a white whore there was no backlash at all, not from white or blacks. A bit of a double standard or what?

  • Spaffy

    I feel it is mostly the older generation full off racist bigotry, and they tend to make life harder for the younger generation who do not share their sentiment.

    And you get racists on both sides of the line, so please don’t generalize ‘white South Africans’ with the likes of the majority whites vs this idiot IAmSipho.

  • Agreed. I tend to spend time with younger SA whites and also older whites in different platforms. I visit places such as night clubs where most young whites attends and also some clubs with older whites such as racing days. I tell you now the reception I receive there is far different. With this old whites, you are like a ‘hyena among lions’. At least, most young whites, although bully sometimes when they are dominant, they have a view of ‘another lion from another pride’ except those radicalized among racial lines especially the country boerers.

  • M.W. Somerville

    Yes, “sic” is being overused in this instance. The use of one “sic” in parentheses at the end of each direct quote would be “sufficient.” The former premise and latter instruction is supported by citation guides like _MLA Handbook_, 7th ed.;however, “bad” is a vague value judgment. (I care not to indicate my tastes, as you have done. I’d rather discern one’s ulterior motive for an action, and the author of this article makes his quite obvious.)

  • Ntombizanele Bless

    U white people forget that u make up only 8% of the population. Black people will eventually get fed up and it will lead to a civil war. 80% blacks will easily wipe all of u out and south Africa does not belong to whites, you are just a colonizer.if u have a problem with black people, I will suggest that u leave our country and continent and go back to your ancestral home in Europe.

  • IAmSipho

    8% of the population, 90% of the brains.

  • IAmSipho

    “millions of her peaceful co-existing children” Yeah right. To bullshit someone else is one thing but to bullshit yourself is just a black thing

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  • Joe Mama

    “Africa is for Africans” – Bless you! Can we send all the useless one’s we have in the US to you then?

  • You stole them, used them for centuries as slaves, now you want to discard them, what a convenience. At least here in Africa we complain about people who infiltrated us, stole from us, now they fail to respect us, in our backyard.

  • Joe Mama

    I didn’t steal anyone. You must be hitting the jenkem pretty hard.

  • By ‘you’ I mean you the European invaders who almost washed native red Indians of North America into extinct, who arrived in the Cape of Good Hope and almost washed native bushmen into extinct.

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  • Tom Lessing

    The Penny Sparrow furor isn’t doing much to enhance the evolution theory and in particular the Cradle of Humankind in Krugersdorp. This is what Wikipedia says about the Cradle of Humankind.

    “In 1935, Robert Broom found the first ape-man fossils at Sterkfontein and began work at this site. In 1938, a young schoolboy, Gert Terrblanche, brought Raymond Dart fragments of a skull from nearby Kromdraai which later were identified as Paranthropus robustus. Also in 1938, a single ape-man tooth was found at the Cooper’s site between Kromdraai and Sterkfontein. In 1948, the Camp-Peabody Expedition from the United States worked at Bolts Farm and Gladysvale looking for fossil hominids but failed to find any. Later in 1948, Robert Broom identified the first hominid remains from Swartkrans cave. In 1954, C.K. Brain began working at sites in the Cradle including Coopers and he soon would initiate his three-decade work at Swartkrans cave which would result in the recovery of the second largest sample of hominid remains from the Cradle. The oldest controlled use of fire was also discovered at Swartkrans and dated to over 1 million years ago.”

    Nobody seems to be annoyed with the theory that mankind evolved from apes.

  • Tom Lessing

    In Europe littering on beaches, and, as a matter of fact in any other public place, is heavily fined. Littering is just about non-existent in Europe. If they can do it, so can we.

  • So is in SA, however there is no where in the world where littering is non-existent. With the number of crowds coming from all parts of our country and beyond flooding into our beaches during mostly the two important holidays of December, it’s bound that litter will be at it highest. A number of our beaches in SA recently received Blue Flag status, the first outside Europe. Our municipalities make sure that beaches are kept at high-level of cleanness. The instance Sparrow referred to is a once-off experience and people like me and her, who don’t like being crowded and those unusual conditions shall prefer to stay home during those days or visit beaches outside big cities. We can’t stop people who come from rural areas in Limpopo or Free State or even from Alex and many other squatter camps in the country to visit our beaches during these holidays. Rules and laws are there but people will always be people with different level of understanding, that the fiber of our society which, just like Europe will take time to eradicate, we are not perfect, and so is everyone.

  • Your comment is irrelevant in this topic.

  • Tom Lessing

    In what way is it irrelevant? Is it also irrelevant that Islam calls you an infidel and therefore an ape and a a pig? Of course it is wrong to call anyone an ape or a pig because we have all been made in the image of God – the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It’s a sin to call someone an ape and a pig.

  • Tom Lessing

    The moral of the story is that whenever you drop a piece of paper or whatever it is incumbent on you as a responsible adult citizen of the country to pick it up and throw it in the dirt bin. You don’t just leave it lying there until the Blue Flag cleaners arrive to clean it up.

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  • It’s just confusing how does cradle humankind have to do with recent spat of racism experienced by SA today. We can’t even conclude that humans were at first apes, they may have been looking like apes in their initial stage but not totally apes. many things have not been clear why humankind evolved into different races, languages, etc.
    But to be relevant, one need to address the current situation we are faced with, to admit that racism is still live and kicking in our lovely country and it will take our effort as a whole to address it, starting from our selves, our families and our communities. The issue of Islam is a religious matter and thousands of miles away from us.

  • Tom Lessing

    No, no, my friend. Not even an ape (and please don’t think I am calling you an ape because I am not) will do what you have just done. Someone once said: “Only man is vile.” It’s a vile thing to say to someone “Go hang yourself.” If you have something in you, you will apologize.

  • I don’t understand which comment you’re responding to. Can you be specific please.

  • That, I agree with you 100%. However we must understand that SA is not occupied by first class citizens only or mostly educated people like developed countries as US or Europe. Even if you compare cities with higher standards of living with those in rural areas, you will see difference when it comes to hygienic issues. Now imagine if the whole country descends to beaches in Durban or Cape Town. We must also understand that these days referred to are the most hectic days. I always prefer to visit a beach when there are few people and hygiene conditions are at perfect level.

    The moral of the story is: Understand the country you are living in, this is not England it South Africa, with a generation fresh from oppression of many kinds, including education and access to clean beaches.

  • Tom Lessing

    I don’t think the picking up of a piece of paper or a cigarette but has anything to do with education. I would rather say that the upbringing of a child makes the difference. Little kids learn by example. If the parents have no respect for the environment, then the kids won;t have it either. As you can see, parents have a great responsibility in the matter of littering. Indeed, whites litter as as much as our African friends do and both need to learn to take responsibility to make our beautiful country even more beautiful. Let’s take hands and do it together.

  • Tom Lessing

    I agree. To fight racism we all need a change of heart, don’t you think? And for that to happen we must begin with ourselves and not others. Oops! thousands of miles away from us?

  • Probably it seems one race is all out to force another race to accept and embrace them unity, while the other really doesn’t care, is protective and put no effort in such attempts. We do need to see more white people advocating racial cohesion instead of protecting each other whenever they bust from racial slurs or pretend as if racism is non-existence or point fingers. Blacks have played their part in forgiving white community for their evil apartheid system and accept them as brothers and sisters and ensuring that we live in harmony. The only thing white people need to do is to return a favor by equally advocating a non-racist society.

  • Joe Mama

    Obviously, in your case, the Europeans didn’t go far enough. And it’s “to extinction” dummy. Another afreekan brainiac I see.

  • RoeMugabe

    Come to Zim and say the same crap mgabe will kick ys butt.

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  • Simon Page

    So white people who litter aren’t monkeys? …waits for response….

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  • Ismail

    Why are urll trying to bring apartheid back.

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  • Joy Roos Sephton

    Guys, guys, guys: so many racist comments here, from so many people! What Penny Sparrow wrote is unacceptable, but for me the worst part is it seems that this is how she views life – it’s not just one racist statement, it’s a sick world-view. HOWEVER, if many of the people who have posted comments below (of all races, please note) were in the public eye they would also be in big trouble. I am overwhelmed that you are behaving just like Penny Sparrow, which implies that your mind-set is equally revolting. If this is how people respond to racism there is no hope for this beautiful country. Please, examine yourselves deeply.

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  • Can


    Actually monkeys & other apes look closer to white people when objectively looking at phenotype traits. Most minority groups (or disadvantaged groups) in different parts of the world often get compared to monkeys because they differ from the majority (or wealthy part) of the population…and the next best thing is monkeys/apes….I call this the MINORITY EFFECT…only it is ironic when white people call blacks monkeys…

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