This viral Facebook post is the perfect shutdown to SA’s beach racists

Every year, thousands upon thousands of South Africans flock to the country’s East coast for the festive season. Given the domographics of the country, it should hardly be surprising that the majority of those holidaymakers are black. But every year, without fail, there will be a spree of racist posts lamenting the state the beaches are left in after the Day of Goodwill and New Years Day.

Usually these posts go relatively unnoticed. This year however, that seems to be changing. Sparked by a post from former Jawitz Scottburgh estate agent Penny Sparrow, which compares black beach revelers to monkeys, South African social media has started taking action.

While some have opted to out other racist posters, one of the best responses we’ve seen comes in the shape of a Facebook post which is rapidly going viral.

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The post, which has been shared more than 3 500 times to date, comes courtesy of
Brian Anthony Trudgeon and shows the kind of mess UK beach-goers leave behind on Brighton Beach after a hot Summer’s day.

The post, a screengrab of which can be found below, reads:

This is for every right wing twat who posted pictures of our East Coast beaches over this festive season, and every right wing twat who commented on the litter and the demographic of those who caused it. If you are on my friends list feel free to remove your ignorant racist ass. Welcome to Brighton beach in the UK in summer. Pay close attention to the cleanup required after a summer beach party. Shame on you for begrudging your fellow citizens a few days off at a public beach. A mere few days of 365 you selfish twats.

Brighton Beach



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