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Craig Rodney

Craig Rodney Ruggedly handsome space-explorer, philanthropist and part-time haberdasher, Craig Rodney proved to the world once and for all that he was impervious to pain when he founded Emerging Media at the tender age of 26. Craig’s dynamic approach and creative problem solving style catapulted the company into the realms of success when Craig saddled a few blue-chip clients and projects, the likes of which include the launch of Mark Shuttleworth’s Ubuntu Linux, and the launch of Google in South Africa. Craig is also a founding member of Africa’s largest podcasting company, and is responsible, at least in part, for the catchphrase “That’s so Raven!” In 2010, Craig became Cruise Director of the HMS Cerebra after the successful merge with South Africa’s most prolific social media agency. The merger between Emerging Media and Cerebra lead to the formation of a full-service communication agency, which focuses on both traditional and social media, and sometimes baking cookies for orphans. Craig’s wide area of interest and encyclopedic knowledge of all things tech makes him an invaluable leader to the Cerebra team where he provides service with a smile to clients such as Vodacom, Samsung, Symantec, Toyota, KFC, PWC and his way-too-hot-for-him wife, Kellen. An innovator, a creative, a mad man, Craig is known to embrace his inner lunatic and encourages his staff to do the same, but not in that prison movie kind of way. Unlike most humans, Craig is not coin-operated, instead, he is motivated by fear; it’s the fear of not doing, the fear of not trying, the fear of not being crazy that drives Craig to excel. Craig believes that “Risky is the new safe” but we’ve already established that he is a nutter. An insightful, successful and happy nutter.

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