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John Beale

John Beale John spends his time doodling. But not just any type of doodling .The doodling that requires ones brain to actually function. He spends this rest of his day dreaming, sleeping and eating cars (not literally eating, that would just be weird) and wondering about how he can come to own all of them one day (except for an MG or a Hyundai). His sarcastic cynical sense of humour either wins over the crowds or causes them to stampede over him. Either way, he's a funny guy. But more importantly, he enjoys people. John finds that he enjoys driving way too fast listening to thumping tunes in his fast red car. Something for which MetroPD frowns upon. Besides having a knack at talking himself out of pretty much anything, he enjoys regular stints at gym, coca-cola and has a keen eye for the design of pretty much anything. John has taken a stint at traditional media strategy and then luckily diversified into digital strategy, which is where he found his love. Digital stuff. His unrequited love for brands and anything advertising related has nurtured this love affair which has allowed him to be where he is today. At Cerebra. And what a warm fuzzy place to be.


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