Bloggers on the payroll of big media

Interesting to see that big media companies are recruiting some of the top bloggers to write for them. This is a clever move for two reasons:

(1) Some bloggers write really well and can bring a more conversational style of writing to the sometimes-turgid world of newsprint, and
(2) Bloggers are excellent at promoting their writings and bring their established and loyal reader-networks to their new columns.

The second is key, because no-one knows how to promote their blogs better than a blogger. Some bloggers are good writers, but also excellent marketers… something many traditional journalists don’t really dabble in. Bloggers have to be good marketers to get their blogs known and out there. They don’t have marketing departments behind them (not yet, anyhow).

Here are two recent examples: the first, where Brian Stelter, the TVNewser blogger and a 21-year-old college grad, has joined the New York Times. (Thanks Mac Slocum)

And the second, closer to home, where the new Times are recruiting what they call ‘blogumists’ to write for them, including well-known local bloggers Paul Jacobson, Tertia Albertyn, Nikki Friedman, Jon Cherry and others. Hats off.

Matthew Buckland: Publisher


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