Jimmy Wales 'Facebook plans': Now watch the video

Local blogger Dave Duarte has edited the original iCommons video of Jimmy Wales’ presentation where the Wikipedia boss discusses and shows slides that have led to speculation he is planning a Facebook competitor.

The initial story first broken on this blog about Wales’ revelations and Nic Haralambolous‘s subsequent screenshots caused a major international blogging fest, with Techcrunch, Mashable, Wired and Techmeme all picking up on the story.

In the video, Wales says he will be releasing his Facebook version as open source software, hoping to attract a “large amount of developers” to the project. In the video, Wales also elaborates more on his plans to take on Google.

Edited version of video, below: (Or See full version here)

Wales, who has been described as “Google’s worst nightmare” said at the beginning of his talk that these were some of the “first screenshots” of his new projects, shown at a gathering of geeks in South Africa, Johannesburg.

The video was originally filmed and created by the Missing Link and Joblog guys. You can see the longer, unedited version here.

Matthew Buckland: Publisher


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