Crowdsourced marketing site delivers Allan Gray mobile strategy

Idea Bounty is a website created by South African and London-based web agency, Quirk eMarketing, that looks for “Big Creative Ideas” for their clients from the general public in SA and globally — a concept known as crowdsourcing.

On the Idea Bounty site you can read the current client brief and submit your own strategies. After analysis, the client and Idea Bounty settle on the best strategy to meet the client’s objectives. The best idea gets the prize, a bounty of around US$3 000 or more.

Of the 18 ideas submitted for the latest campaign, the winning idea came from Lindy Taoushiani, a strategy director of a local digital agency, who walked away with the $3 000 prize for an innovative mobile campaign idea for the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation.

Asked what drew her to submitting an Idea, Taoushiani said: “Initially it was to try out the crowd-sourcing concept only -– but I really enjoy coming up with strategies for marketing problems -– especially when these solutions include digital and this brief called for a mobile idea specifically. Add in a competition element and I’m in!”

The brief asked candidates for a creative idea to attract school pupils to become a part of the foundation. The pupils who become a part of the foundation are offered bursaries and entrepreneurial opportunities to succeed long past their tertiary educations. The idea had to include a mobile strategy.

Anthony Farr, CEO of Allan Gray Orbis had this to say: “Picking that winning Big Idea proved to be harder than we’ve anticipated. We were highly impressed with the calibre of ideas that came through from around the world and the detailed extent to which our brief was met.

“The process and outcome exceeded our expectations and we look forward to sharing our resulting selection campaign with you,” he said.



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