Zoopy’s top 5 funniest SA videos

Remember when the DA’s Helen Zille was accused of “sleeping around” by the ANC Youth League? Or what about that shocking/hilarious rendition of Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika before the Boks played France? And let’s not forget dear old Julius Malema and the multitude of things that have splayed forth from his mouth, making him a prime target for parody… Memeburn brings you the top 5 funniest SA videos from the local video-sharing website Zoopy.com. Enjoy…!

1. Nando’s interview with Julius Malema from ANCYL

Nando’s takes on Julius Malema from the ANC Youth League, just before the 2009 SA Elections.

  • Uploaded 11 months ago – 55 111 views
  • 2. Sleeping around is sleeping around

    Floyd Shivambu (ANC Youth League spokesperson) has announced that Helen Zille (leader of the DA & premier of the Western Cape) has been sleeping around, and that means that she’s been sleeping around, because sleeping around is sleeping around. It doesn’t involve sex. Or it might. Then again it may not. 702 DJ Redi Direko tried to find out more from Floyd, and this is what happened.

  • Uploaded 10 months ago – 48 196 views
  • 3. Messed up version of the SA national anthem

    In the rugby match against France on 13 November, Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika was completely messed up by the person appointed to sing!

  • Uploaded 4 months ago – 43 336 views
  • 4. Nhlanhla Nene falls on SABC

    Chair breaks, man disappears. Awesome!

  • Uploaded 1 year ago – 33 739 views
  • 5. Z News, powered by Zapiro: the full pilot

    Produced in December 2007, right after the ANC Polokwane Conference and days after Zuma was charged by the NPA, this pilot episode of Z News was delivered to the broadcaster that had commissioned it: SABC. 16 months later: the show is still buried deep in the basements of Auckland Park, and the series moved to a shorter and online format at ZA News. So, what was the big deal about the show? Was the SABC right saying South Africans are not ready to “get” it?

  • Uploaded 11 months ago – 28 659 views
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