Google finally launches new look Gmail

The new look and feel version of Gmail that Google accidentally leaked a few weeks ago is now officially ready for users.

The new changes have been in the works since July when Google rolled out a first phase of changes to Gmail.

The conversation view is now completely redesigned to help users read and sort through their email threads better. “You’ll now see profiles pictures for your contacts, so it’s easier to keep track of who said what,” writes Google user experience designer Jason Cornwell.

The display density now automatically adjusts to the size of your screen and can easily be customised to your preferred display density in the settings menu. The different display choices include, comfortable, cozy, and compact.

There is also a new search function that allows users to access Google’s Advanced Search options by clicking on the
side bar.

Google has also introduced high-definition themes to enable users to bring in high-resolution images.

“Themes have been completely rebuilt to enable us to bring you a new set of beautiful high-resolution themes with imagery provided by iStockphoto. We’ve updated most of the old favorites as well and your theme will be automatically carried over to the new look. Go to the Settings menu to take another look at themes and choose the one that fits you best,” says Cornwell.

Gmail now incorporates “smarter navigation” that allows users to resize their labels and chat areas to see more or hide labels and the chat areas. “The navigation panel on the left keeps your labels and chat contacts in view at all times. You can also use the arrow keys to navigate around the interface”, says Cornwell.

Users wanting to try out the new design will be able to switch to the new look by clicking on “Switch to the new look in the bottom-right of Gmail.



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