Not a Review: Verbatim Netbook USB drive so small it’s almost not even there

Not a cricket chirped. Not a tumbleweed rustled in the chill wind. I sat contemplating the tiny little Verbatim Netbook USB solid state drive squatting on the mound of the fleshy part of my thumb. It sure is tiny — imagine you take the metal bit of a USB plug in hand, and with a sharp lightsaber cut off everything but a little plastic nubbin to grab hold of, and you would have the Netbook USB drive.

I looked up, bemused. I should get moving, they would maybe come back. Around me the corn plants were rustling, their turgid yellow ears waving above my head. In my pocket now sat gigabyte upon gigabyte of alien material pirated off one of their deep space ship’s unsecured servers. It’s incredible, after only a decade in the market, USB 2 is almost universally ubiquitous. It has been adopted by geeks, grannies, beer-swilling meatheads, peace-loving beings from distant stars and warlike tentacled savages from other dimensions. Truly the USB SIG (now the USB IF) did an excellent job of bringing this tiered-star topology host-device generally synchronous device connection standard to market. Well done, the lot of you.



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