Celebs & their phones: iPhone, BB, Android or Windows Phone?

Despite RIM’s fall from grace, BlackBerry still enjoys large-scale endorsement from celebrities as well as the president of the United States, something once acknowledged on video by RIM’s ex-CEO Mike Lazaridis — shortly before abruptly ending the interview. Most agree that iPhones are cool and you see plenty of celebrity Twitpic mirror shots with those, but how about Android and Windows Phone?

I couldn’t find many celebrities using Android. Android isn’t cool yet and in an industry where image is everything, endorsing Android right now could be a faux pas. I found someone called Jose Canseco an ex-MLB player who’s seemingly a big fandroid, but that’s probably of no interest to you unless you follow American sports. Someone with more cross-over appeal, Justin Timberlake, is apparently a closet Android user, but he’s also a known BlackBerry and iPhone lover. Windows Phone? I couldn’t find anyone publicly embracing the nascent OS. There’s this funny story about a Microsoft exec trying to woo Scott Adams of Dilbert fame and Blake Griffin from the LA Clippers basketball team with Windows Phones, though.

Why is this interesting? Well, why is anything celebrity related interesting? For me, it’s interesting because, for many, celebrities dictate what’s cool and therefore have somewhat of an influence on the market. Brands agree, million dollar brand endorsement deals are commonplace.

Through some office banter, consulting Forbes’s celebrity top 100 list and tapping the BBM hive mind, we agreed that it would be interesting to find out which smartphones the enclosed 13 celebrities are using. Keep in mind that some use more than one.

Justin Bieber: iPhone

Rihanna: BlackBerry

Ryan Gosling: iPhone

Katy Perry: BlackBerry

Lady Gaga: iPhone

Usher: BlackBerry

Taylor Swift: iPhone

Eminem: BlackBerry

Jessica Alba: iPhone

Justin Timberlake: BlackBerry

LeBron James: iPhone

Kim Kardashian BlackBerry

Lil Wayne: iPhone



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