Google CEO Larry Page spotted rocking Project Glass glasses [Video]

Larry Page Google Project Glass

 Larry Page Google Project Glass

Yes, really. When Google co-founder and current CEO Larry Page stepped on stage to speak at Google Zeitgeist 2012, he wore a pair of the Project Glass glasses. Well, I don’t know if you can call it a ‘pair’ of glasses when technically it’s just a set of frames with a small rectangle of glass over one eye, but it seems that Google is slowly releasing prototypes into the wild.

Google’s innovative glasses, which will theoretically be able to do everything from guiding your way by GPS navigation to messaging your friends, were proven to be more than just a rumour when the tech giant released a concept video in early April. Since then, a few Google employees have been spotted wearing the glasses, and some even posted photos taken with the specs to their Google+ profiles (where else?).

The footage of Page’s presentation — aptly titled ‘Beyond Today’, considering the prototype he was wearing — at Google’s invite-only event in London, hit YouTube late yesterday. Page jokes with the audience, saying that if they’re going to take his photo, he’ll take a photo of them too. He then touches the specs and the glass over his right eye glows blue before he says “let me share that with the whole company.” He then taps the frames and says it’s done. I’ll believe it when I see the photo.



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