Attention app developers: the Mxit User API is here

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Mxit logo

Developers, Mxit lovers, we have good news for you. With the release of Mxit’s new User API, you are now able to develop social apps for the Mxit platform.

What type of apps can you build? Any app that benefits from the Mxit community’s user profile data, social graph, pictures and video. Just like Facebook though, Mxit users have the ability to control whenever their non-public personal information is shared with an app.

The Mxit API is grouped into three categories. First, the aptly named “Profile” category allows developers to pull out profile information as well as do things like retrieve and update user avatars and status messages. Think of an app that could for instance, sell cool avatar images, or offer to change a user’s avatar based on their accomplishments in a game.

The second category is “Social Graph.” It allows developers to interact with Mxit user friend lists, and lets users subscribe to services or invite their friends. This category allows apps that for example, give you information on your friends’ activities.

The third category called “Media Gallery” enables developers to access, organize, and upload media files to a Mxit user’s media library.

A great API can take a company from the troposphere into the stratosphere and beyond. It’s one of the key ways Facebook managed to dethrone MySpace back in the day.

If you’ve been hoping to tap into the world of Mxit, hope on over to Mxit Developer Center to get started.



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