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2oceansvibe radio divorces audio streaming provider NetDynamix

Following an audit, 2oceansvibe Media has announced that it will be parting ways with its streaming provider, NetDynamix.

In a statement issued today, 2oceansvibe said that the decision to part ways come after “gross inconsistencies” were discovered between the audited figures and those given to it in the past by NetDynamix. Stream and stats analysis will be taken over by Triton.

The internet radio station calls the newly released audited figures “a massive shock when seen alongside the originally claimed stats”, but that the audit group still represents “opinion leaders and decision makers.”

2oceansvibe will continue to offer current pricing structures to advertisers and lays the blame for its questioned listenership at NetDynamix’s feet saying: “While we obviously took any opportunity in the past to boast about the NetDynamix stats – which we were assured to be true – it should be made very clear that, due to our cross-platform offering, our pricing structures have not changed since before we ever had listenership figures.”

Sparked by a damning exposé by IT specialist — read sleuth — from Pretoria, Shaun Dewberry, the internet radio industry in South Africa was cast into turmoil as the listenership numbers of popular internet radio stations such as 2oceansvibe and Ballz Radio were called into question.

With the radio stations claiming to merely report on numbers handed to them, all eyes turned to NetDynamix, the audio streaming provider that serviced the aforementioned radio stations and others.

2oceansvibe radio claimed that the internet radio station attracted an average listenership of 35 000 [an hour], while Ballz co-founder Darren Scott, a former national DJ, recently told media news site Media Update that “weekly statistics for May show an average hourly listenership of just over 51 000 between 12:00 and 18:00″. However, new statistics show that the stations average between 200 and 300 listeners during their live broadcasts.

NetDynamix released a statement confirming that the reported figures were sessions and not unique listeners.

Author | Martin Carstens

Martin Carstens
Obsessed with technology and the future, I write words for machines and people. Born in South Africa, now living in the United States. More
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