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Google’s Olympic doodle is kind of disappointing

Google’s done some pretty epic doodles in the past. The one it’s done for the 2012 Olympic Games is not one of them.

We were really hopeful when we saw the picture on the Google home page. A load of cutesy looking Olympians with the Google letters arranged them, what would happen when the mouse hovered over them. Would they start enacting their perspective sports?

Nope. All you get is a line of alt-text saying “London 2012 Opening Ceremony”.

Bear in mind that this is the company that gave us the Freddie Mercury doodle and the Moog Synthesiser one. Hell even the Zipper doodle was entertaining in its own way.

It’s a pity really. There was a ton of potential here and it was all wasted.

  • CW

    Have to say I was sadly looking forward to seeing what Google were going to do for such a massive occasion! Really have disappointed me! I could had designed a better Doodle myself!

  • TM

    I agree

  • Garth

    I guess they like Freddie better than the Olympics, can’t blame them…

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