Nando’s reminds everyone they’re foreigners, then makes soup [Video]

You may recall that fast food brand Nando’s managed to get its anti-xenophobia advert banned on South African television recently because everyone from the national broadcaster to satellite service DStv deemed the advert to be offensive. Which, of course, is probably the best way to make sure that almost everyone with an internet connection went in search of the YouTube link.

The advert, which has racked up more than half a million views, was part of its diversity initiative, which ran alongside an online-only campaign which encouraged citizens to volunteer to work at soup kitchens that Nando’s would be organising in areas affected by xenophobia in partnership with non-profit organisation Cheesekids.

Well, after all that fuss, at least people got some soup. As the social media buzz for the campaign spread, the trailer for the Soupstars project gathered an audience interested in creating a ‘dialogue between the diverse’. More than 800 people signed up to be ‘souperstars’ at pop up kitchens in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Limpopo. Missed it? There’s a video:



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