Meet the new, ‘cool’ Myspace

The once wildly popular Myspace has released a teaser video showing the new direction its owners are looking to take it in. Best put a jersey on, because it’s pretty damn cool.

According to the company, which now includes pop superstar Justin Timberlake as one of its heads, the service has been rebuilt “entirely from scratch.”

Gone are the messages from Tom, the insane backgrounds and, it seems, the music that starts blaring as soon as you enter a page. In its place is something much more minimal. Instead of the old clutter, imagery is emphasised, there’s a static footer for navigation, a left-to-right timeline of posts and a built-in music player.

The company claims however that it is staying true to its roots “in one important way—empowering people to express themselves however they want. So whether you’re a musician, photographer, filmmaker, designer or just a dedicated fan, we’d love for you to be a part of our brand new community”.

Speaking of roots, the revamped logo is also a lot closer to the original than the corny Gap-style one it replaces.

If Myspace manages to pull off the gorgeous design in this preview, and effectively use the star pulling power of Justin Timberlake, then it might just be able to pull itself out of the gutter.

While the company hasn’t given an exact indication of when the new service will roll out, it’s probably worth adding your email address to the waiting list, just in case.



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