Cisco to unveil ‘social media listening centre’ come 24 October

Networking giant Cisco has announced is set to launch a new product, which it is calling a Social Media Listening Center (SMLC) in the coming days.

While the SMLC, set to be publicly unveiled on 24 October is not Cisco’s first social product — it has a number of collaboration tools and plays in the enterprise social networking space — it is the first that attempts to bring in public social networks.

According to Cisco, the technology behind the SMLC “allows users to manage and measure social media impact across all channels with real-time analysis”.

“The SMLC marks Cisco’s dedication to social media expansion and innovation not only for its customers but also for the community at large,” the company says.

An example of the tools on offer with the SMLC is the Social Miner Tool, which allows companies to track all social media channels and conversations, across both internal and external users.

There are also touch screens, which Cisco claims allows for a new level of interaction with the web-based social media.

Once the SMLC officially launches we’ll give you the full skinny on all the features.



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