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Shoprite Checkers claims world first with mobile coupons app

Popular South African retail outlet Shoprite Checkers has announced the launch of its mobile coupon app Eezi Coupons, which enables consumers to get shopping discounts on their mobile devices, and can be redeemed at any Shoprite store.

The retail group claim that these new these mobile coupons will “revolutionise outdated paper coupons. They are available to all South Africans to enhance the consumers’ shopping experience and bring considerable savings to South Africans.”

Using the coupons is quite easy: consumers can download the app and use their unique code when in store to redeem their discounts.

“The total discount will then automatically be taken off their total shopping amount and they will see their savings at the bottom of their till slips. Consumers will have access to thousands of rands worth of savings with one easy code on their cellphones for all coupons available – no printing or cutting is required,” says Shoprite.

Group CEO Whitey Basson reckons that mobile coupons have made consumers even more powerful than before. “It offers consumers a multitude of choice, information, and access to bargains. It is also a new and more affordable channel for entertainment and retailers must keep pace.”

“Affordable smartphones and tablets brings a new era of mass personalization which means retailers need to think and act in a multichannel way. We can’t just deliver what consumers want today, but we have to anticipate how to meet their needs tomorrow,” he said.

The company believes that the initiative will allow it to consolidate its customer data on shopping preferences into a single data repository. This, it says, will allow the group to communicate targeted relevant offerings based on consumers’ preferences without the significant start up and incentive costs of a loyalty card.

Consumers who are unable to download the app can access the coupons via USSD, mobi sites, websites and Facebook. The app also provides other tools such as latest deals, how to find your nearest stores, store hours and a shopping list for extra convenience. With the application, Checkers also becomes the first supermarket to launch a smartphone application in South Africa.

“The EeziCoupons are made possible through the integration of the WiCode platform, a product of WiGroup at the supermarkets’ point of sale. The technology also enables future applications such as the enablement of mobile money transfers and mobile payments at the till points,” says Shoprite.

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  • Sandy

    Good idea. The one problem is probably Checkers very slow system. My experience when buying electricity or booking for computicket is that the system is a bit old?

  • Nick

    Haven’t they seen what is happening to Groupon and other coupon discount schemes? Their business models are going down the pan, Groupon stock price down 60%.
    Discount only devalues the product, and tells the consumer that Checkers can still make a profit with the discount. A discount scheme isn’t sustainable, and won’t be as widely taken up as a rewards programme.

    Now if Checkers gave rewards on full purchase price – THAT would incentivise the client to return, as they knew the ONLY place they can redeem is at Checkers.
    This is using technology for technology’s sake.

  • disqus_S04SaD8wCQ

    Nice idea, but do you think im going be stupid enough to give you my name email address and mobile number in order to redeem coupons?

  • tried this out at store and seems to be working fine. much more uptake is needed if this ever has any chance of being a success. More education could do as well, half the staff are bliss. btw, hows about an android app?

  • World first? That’s a bit misleading…Tesco, Wall-Greens, Target, etc developed mobile couponing apps years ago.

  • Mark Lockwood

    A bit misleading? Our client and I were doing an identical campaign with Shoprite Checkers a year and a half before this came out in all 600 stores. The marketing dept literally and knowingly has taken our wireframes and even the jpeg images and categories and have copied them almost item for item. This seems to happen more and more with big co’s using the small guys IP without any remuneration. The claim is brazen indeed.

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