Foursquare is now using Facebook data to give better recommendations

Well this is interesting. In a bid to make its service better, Foursquare has opted to plug into Facebook’s data to improve its recommendations, according to an announcement in a blog post this week.

“The best recommendations often come from friends,” the location-based service said. “By expanding your recommendations to include your Facebook friends who are on Foursquare, you’ll get even better personalized insights when you’re deciding where to go, while still only sharing check-ins with your close friends.”

It works quite simply: every time your Facebook friends do public things on Foursquare such as write a tip, like a place, or take public photos, Foursquare will now use that to help power user recommendations within its Explore section.

The company assures users that their check-in privacy will always remain the same despite this new information. Users will still be prompted before any check-ins are posted to Facebook, and Facebook friends you haven’t added on Foursquare won’t be able to see where you’ve been.

Users who wish to see the more personalised recommendations need to connect their Facebook account to Foursquare. According to the New York-based company, users will see the difference when they search for something on, and on the iPhone and Android apps.

“…if you’re just now signing up for Foursquare, this is a great way to start seeing the power of personalization right away. Just sign up with your Facebook account and all your recommendations – whether for a great restaurant or a rainy day adventure — will already be personalized,” says Foursquare.

The company has been making some serious moves this year in an attempt to stave off competition from arch rival Facebook. It launched a new iPhone update this week that gives users even more discovery options with more details to help them decide on activities. The company is also rumoured to be in early talks with Apple to help improve its problematic Maps app.



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