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Has Apple outsmarted Google?

Once allies, now clearly foes, Apple and Google have been in an intense battle to win the hearts and minds of people across the planet. And while Apple has lost its dominance and market-share to Google’s Android, you could argue that the Cupertino-based giant has outsmarted its Mountain View rival.

If we look purely at the numbers then we all know that Google is the clear leader. Relying on various brands, like Samsung and HTC, Android has swamped our markets with phones ranging from the low-cost Galaxy Pocket to the more sophisticated Samsung S3. Samsung has a clear edge on the market.

But while inroads are being made in the mobile arena, Android is still dominated by Apple’s iPad in the tablet market. It’s still the “tablet of choice” for the discerning user and Apple fired three volleys this year with the launch of the “New iPad” in the first quarter of 2012, followed by the “New New iPad” and the iPad Mini.

Google entered the fray itself this year, launching the Nexus 7; low-priced and accessible to the masses.

Which is actually my point.

While we all seem to think that Google and Apple have the same target market, I’d like to suggest that they don’t. Apple firmly remains the world favourite. Thirty-five percent of school students in the US who use a smartphone are using iPhones. Those who use Android wish they were using iPhones (yes, yes, I concede there is a growing group of fandroids out there who prefer Android phones).

But by and large Apple is targeted at the more affluent user. Apple has made very little effort to compete on price. In fact its tablets and phones are substantially more than the Android offerings. While Android offers a range of phones from entry-level to top-spec, Apple chooses to only produce one model at a time. There is no US$100 iPhone (we’re talking cash-prices here).

So why would Apple choose to have only one model?

I do not believe it is as much of elitism and snobbery as it truly is about economics. And this, I believe, is where Apple has outsmarted Google.

When I speak to my friends who are fandroids, they will always bring up the fact that the apps are free. They boast about the “open-source” nature of Android and that apps are readily available. In fact many of them will denounce any app that does not provide a free alternative (even if they are laced with adverts).

Apple fanbois seem to be very different. One of the first things a fanboi will do is link his iTunes account to his iDevice. And then link his credit-card to his iTunes account. While it’s true that there are many, many free apps on the AppStore, the very nature of the iPhone user is to push the button and pay the once off US$1 to remove the irritating adverts.

Because iPhone users have paid a premium for their phones it is not improper to consider they are sitting in a higher LSM bracket. It means they’re more amenable to buying apps. And since the disposable income of this group is so much higher, they are certainly more open to buying apps.

Conversely, the average (and I highlight average) Android user is using a low-specced device. Lower cost, lower LSM group. And far less likely to buy apps on the Google Play store.

So the question about whether Apple or Android is more successful, I believe, cannot simply be reduced to the number of users, but rather the number of economically active users.

In my opinion Apple has strategically targeted the group of people who are more likely to buy apps in the AppStore. Android has gone for sheer numbers, in the vain hope of swallowing out the competitors.

Apple, however, remains resilient. iPhone and iPad sales remain in the millions. And each user is more inclined to buy an app.

Has Apple outsmarted Google? I believe so. It’s not the profit per device sold that matters, but rather what the user is doing with the device. A sneaky strategy, but one that I believe has paid off.

Author | Tony Seifart

Tony Seifart
With a Degree in Heavy Current Electrical Engineering from UCT Tony Seifart quit his first job after six months when he realised his boss was the one making all the money. Since 2002 he’s been working as an internet marketer, using the internet to build an online income and... More
  • Hubert

    Wow this article is laughable…

  • Hmmm… that is one way to spin off the debate. Then, there is this article that popped up on my screen while I was reading: http://memeburn.com/2012/12/apples-map-woes-continue-can-possibly-kill-you/


  • Major LOL at the title.

    Good debate though.

  • Biscuit1018

    Why? Its a fair assertion even if you think its wrong.
    You can post why think its wrong

    Either way its not definite who the winner will be so almost any argument can be plausible

  • Joe

    This is exactly the same argument / reasoning that was used in the PC vs Mac wars and we know how that ended for apple

  • Slimie

    Apple has more than one device in the market at a time these days. The older devices (4 and 4S) are now sold as the low cost iPhones. The rest of the article is pretty spot on.

  • What a stupid article. It was clear as day since the beginning that the business models of apple and google are different. And I would be just amazed, astounded if someone didn’t understand apple makes more money.
    Not sure what that has to do with outsmarting anyone? Didn’t the author himself acknowledge the difference in the business model!? But then he compares the two?
    Just silly.

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  • GDP1GlenG

    OK. So, does this make them (Apple) similar to Vertu, ex-Nokia ?

    Oh, but wait. Haven’t Vertu just gone Android ??

  • n

    yeah, Apple became the largest and most profitable company in the world with an enormous loyal customer base, and numerous PC manuf. have restructured/gone bankrupt or become irrelevant.

    2nd, it’s not the same: the point here is iOS users buy apps more frequently than android users, Apple wasn’t making money on the applications they had in the PC vs Mac era, in fact MS was the one making money on programs (Office), so this argument is actually the exact opposite.

  • Janz

    Apple the most profitable company????. Apple stands at 103 in the fortune 500 list where as goolge is number 15. Get your facts right.

  • njdv

    #1, no it doesn’t, http://money.cnn.com/magazines/fortune/fortune500/2013/full_list/index.html?iid=F500_sp_full , it’s currently 6th, Google is 55th.

    #2, I wrote that 6 months ago, believe it or not these rankings change

    #3, I said most profitable, the Fortune 500 is a yearly ranking of revenue, Apple is currently 2nd in profits behind only Exxon.

    #4, That string of comments was referring to the Mac v PC wars of the 80’s-90’s, which has nothing to do with Google.

  • Its a good article in raising controversy and making people pay attention to these rivalries. However a bit more of a storyline could have been produced here!

  • John Jairo Quintero

    The key here is “in the US”… Everywhere outside USA the people are using Android so much that Android has become the #1 mobile OS worldwide.

    Blackberry once had all the market to themselves. Look at them now.

  • nishantsirohi123

    just wow
    1- Iphone may be the USA favorite but calling it world favorite is just over exaggerating the facts(perhaps the joke that americans dont know if there exists a world outside their country)
    2- every free app with ads on android has a paid version with no ads, and additional features. So anyone who wants to buy an app, can do it. But unlike the Apple App store, the android app store (or play store) does not have a compulsory credit card obligation. so for students and not the “elites” it is a sensible option.

    3-While android is available on low spe and priced devices, the high end droids are still “significantly” cheaper than the unlocked iphone 5.
    4- Apple’s business model is to get money through each device, while Google’s business model is primarily through online ads, and the more users, the more number of people seeing the ads. And since Google is not involved directly in hardware, it is not google’s headache to ensure devices sell. and which is why most google services are free of cost

  • Morphine_OD

    “Those who use Android wish they were using iPhones” ahahahahahaha

  • No nonsense

    Based on what statistical proof is the author believes Android app economy is lower in value term than Apple? Everyone knows Apples uses the previous generation iPhone as the ‘cheaper’ alternative.

  • Joel Omar

    Now this exact line is what confirmed to me this article is utterly biased bs

  • Apple is s–t

    “Those who use Andoid wish they were using iPhones”, I have to say, I find this quote hilarious as I would rather cut of my own hand than have to use anything produced by Apple.

  • Apple is s–t

    off not of

  • debila

    there is a cheaper iphone now so …

  • Basically, the Android product that your using is a product based on Apple’s patented technology, evading patents by implementing those features in a different manner. Both hardware and software designs are based on the original iPhone, from the all-buttonless-touchscreen, to the multitouch interface, inertial scrolling. Every time I hear a statement like that is based on lack of knowledge and just pure hate on a premium brand.

  • Akk

    It’s the iPhone 5 hardware wise, with a plastic body instead of aluminum and glass, and it has the price that the iPhone 5 would have had if it wasn’t discontinued, so it’s actually a colored ripoff. Apple business as usual !

  • Carlota Khan

    Apple IOS all the way!!! So much jealousy from u Androiders, give it a break already!!

  • Ashley

    No Luis, sorry, you’re wrong. I owned the G1 when it was released in the UK, the very first Android phone, and have been using Android phones ever since. I currently have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, having given the Note 1 to my daughter at university. You say that Android was copied from the iPhone, but the language is based on Linux, and though the earlier iPhones were superior in various ways, its the Android phones that are superior now. Remember when Apple said that their 3.5 inch screen was the ideal size? Then they saw the galaxy Note selling by the ten of millions, and most Android phones going for much larger phones since then. Now Apple are copying that move by increasing the screen size also. This is copying, because its what the public wants. They had already stated 3.5 inches was *ideal*, so why change from the *ideal*? Another thing is functionality. My tragic friends become annoyed when they realise, that as trendy and expensive as their iPhone is, they can’t do very simple things that Android phones have been able to do for ages – like copy and pasting, and sending emails with attachments. All easily done from Android, for a long time. iPhones are the easiest to use, this is true, but for business functionality, even Blackberry beats its, as does Windows Phone…..and it really can’t approach Android at all.

  • Ashley

    The author’s name is Sie-Fart. You couldn’t make it up eh? Zie-Fart. Apple fan.

  • Submissus

    You can’t actually say that Google is competing against Apple when it comes to hardware production, as Google develops the Open Source operating system that is widely used by the producers such as LG, Samsung, HTC and ZTE. You can’t compare software developers with hardware producers, Google do not make the phones, only the software. So stating that Google makes cheaper phones or any such things is just nonsense. Even devices such as the Google Nexus 7 are produced by other companies, and in the Nexus 7’s case, it was ASUS.

  • twhite6878

    You are a fangirl with no real facts. I use Android and am going iOS but even I see this article for the biased hand-job it is. Congrats on being blind.

  • Carlota Khan

    I totally agree with u 100%. I wish these small minded, lack of knowledge ppl. Will see things through your eyes. I have Android tablets ( which on broke within the month I’ve used it ) I totally wasted my money.

  • Octavian P.

    I would like to see a worldwide article. As far as I know, Google is pretty much the favourite in Europe, not only because Android is more flexible as a mobile platform but also because the prices of Apple tech are stellar in this part of the world as our carriers are reluctant to sell such expensive phones and tablets due to their lack of support.

  • David olafsson

    “Apples patented technology” is based on BSD, its only because BSD has such a permissive copyright agreement that they are allowed to close it and call it their own. Apple didnt invent any technology, they put beautiful wrappers on it, is all. multitouch existed for decades before the apple patent.

  • David olafsson

    Apple might have huge profits, but those are not based on its PC sales, that fortune they have comes from the Ipod and Iphone, not its Mac range. The profits are also so huge because – guess what – they are ripping you off! Yes, some of the hardware is above par, but most of it is just-par but sold at a premium price.

    Also, that war? Yeah, microsoft won it(sadly) by a landslide. Mac has not even a 10% OS marketshare. And even if you count hardware vendors only, Apple doesnt even show up in the top 5, Dell does. That enourmous loyal customer base? Not in the PC market. Not in the phone market. Maybe the tablet market. And to further repeat what has been said above : Googles business plan is NOT to get rich on app sales, but to get rich on advertisment sales. Therefor, comparing the two and saying that based on app sales, Apple is much better is, well, dishonest and retarded.

  • Tra McPeak

    “…and it really can’t approach Android at all.” Hah! iPhone rocketed us into this new mobile era. If we had waited on Google, we would still be amazed at our Blackberries. Every time I read a post by an Androidista, I see venom and sour grapes. It’s never the other way around.

  • brent

    When was this article written, 10 years ago?
    Most of your points are invalid right now.

  • brent

    that’s like saying all current phones are based on the original cell phone, of course they are. And why is Apple a “premium” brand, if we are comparing the Samsung Galaxy S4 to the Iphone 5, both are in the same or very similar price bracket and are targeted at the same LSM, I know of at least 10 direct friends who have moved away from iPhone orver to Samsung, why would they do that if the Apple was such a premium product or so much better than the Android based Samsung?

  • brent

    that’s rubbish, never say never

  • brent

    exactly, they are locked in, same as the first Apple computers, you had to have Apple software, Apple mouse, Apple keyboard and that’s why they nearly died as a company until the iPod saved them. But they are doing the same thing again right now with iTunes, they will die if they don’t change.

  • brent

    So you are happy that you support a company that is clearly ripping off their customers, more profit means that you gave them your money and they didn’t spend much of it on their products vs what you paid them for it, that means you are being fleeced.

  • Darky

    funny… I had both iphone 4s and Galaxy S3, and i sold iPhone :D. to be clear, iphone is like old Nokia with flashlight. most of functions is unusable outside US. screen too small. does not support a lot of web based functions. it’s only Nokia with flashlight. so, why should i pay so much, when S3 cost almost half of iphone’s price, and really business or for fun.
    and about iPad. that was most funny part of article :)
    iPad is only a toy. Android tab’s more useful again :D
    but I own windows 8 tab. because i need tab for work.
    and the main reason i don’t like Apple at all, i s their point of view: “customer does not know what he need”
    when every other company says: “Let’s ask customer, what he wants from our product”

  • Waleed Al Suwaigh

    “Apple firmly remains the world favorite” and the study you provide “Thirty-five percent of school students in the US who use a smartphone are using iPhones” In the actual World… yes the 6 habitable continents of the world, iPhone is loosing, and loosing badly. Hence why the cheaper iPhone C to get some share in the Indian and Chinese market which represent around 1/3 of the World’s population. The iPhone is trendy but it can’t hold it’s own in a low GDP country.

  • George Kintu

    Apple is outsmarting Google in the authors alternate universe

  • Francesco Brozzu

    New mobile era where people can’t talk to each other, are constantly monitored with gps, and the only thing they can think of is “I need to get the new iPhone 56!” or “I must save money for the new Super iPad 57S”. Plus the first capacitive screen was invented in 1965 and then Mr Jobs bought the patent and sad “We are geniuses and invented the new superamazing and never saw before in whole universe capacitive multitouch supermegascrollable, and it just costs 600$ isn’t that super amazing?!?!?!?”.

  • nfsking2000

    lol Apple invented nothing. It’s like saying Microsoft invented window based desktop environment.

  • Ryan M. Spirelli

    The statement about people using an Android device are secretly wishing they had an I-Phone is a silly statement. In certain cases it is true, but that is the same for users of the I-Phone wanting to go back to Android. I went to an I-Phone 4S for about a year and found IOS to be too much of a hand-holding it knows best for me OS. I thought to myself “time to get back out of the kiddie pool and back into the deep end with Android”.

    Android has more customization and is more challenging (for those who want a challenge in life).It is naturally less stable due to these items including its openness as an OS.

    IOS is more stable and safe, but lacks as much customization and constantly wants to hold your hand and treat you like an idiot.

    So the statement that Android users secretly want an I-Phone running IOS is just as true as an IOS user secretly wanting an Android Phone.

    Bottom line for me at least is i want a challenge and freedom to customize how i want it, so the “Majority” can have their IOS (that ironically continues to slowly look more and more like Android) and i stick with Android.

  • Tsvetozar Tsachev

    Google is making money not just form apps, It’s making money out of everything- hotels, food, entertainment by selling your habits to a highest bidder….. not sure your “end game” will come out the same, if you include this variable in the money making process

  • Josh Van Goh

    Carlota just shut your mouth. you probably prefer apple because it makes you feel your belong to the higher classes of people which is not. you just have the brain that is smart enough to choose what product is better based on wrapping. probably that’s the cause why your devices broke in that short period of stupidity no I mean time! :D

  • Joshua Van Goh

    hahahaha after I saw your post I confirmed that your stupid! hahahahaa :D

  • Matt

    All the people who are still commenting on this article… It was written 9 months ago. Most of the examples used by the author are no longer true.

  • Ariel Stampone

    Android is still dominated by Apple’s iPad in the tablet market. It’s still the “tablet of choice” for the discerning user and Apple fired three volleys this year with the launch of the “New iPad” in the first quarter of 2012, followed by the “New New iPad” and the iPad Mini.

    ohh… yes… is IT? lollol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

    WHAT A LIE!!!

    the world is android rulez!!!

  • Ariel Stampone

    Basically, the Android product that your using is a product based on Apple’s patented technology…
    yes? is it? lol

    and apple is using open source darwin kernel in his product, as you can see… invented? NOTHING.

    if android “is using patented apple stuff” (lol lol lol) then is using an open source product lolololololol

    @Lois. esad( eat shit an die)


    Darwin is an open source POSIX-compliant computer operating system released by Apple Inc. in 2000. It is composed of code developed by Apple, as well as code derived from NeXTSTEP, BSD, and other free software projects. Darwin forms the core set of components upon which OS X and iOS are based. It is compatible with the Single UNIX Specification version 3 (SUSv3) and POSIX UNIX applications and utilities.[2][3][4]

  • Ariel Stampone

    YES SIR!!

  • Ariel Stampone

    History of the graphical user interface



    Xerox Alto and Xerox Star[edit source | editbeta]

    The Xerox Alto (and later Xerox Star ) was an early personal computer developed at Xerox PARC in 1973. It was the first computer to use the desktop metaphor and mouse-driven graphical user interface (GUI).

    It was not a commercial product, but several thousand units were built and were heavily used at PARC, other Xerox facilities, at least one government facility and at several universities for many years. The Alto greatly influenced the design of some personal computers in the following decades, notably the Apple Macintosh and the first Sun workstations.

    The Xerox Alto had an early graphical user interface.

    Macintosh Desktop (1984).
    Apple Lisa and Macintosh (and later, the Apple IIgs)[edit source | editbeta]
    Main article: Mac OS history

    Beginning in 1979, started by Steve Jobs and … LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

  • random zimbabwean dude

    Funny how you americans can make audacious ill-informed statements like “Apple firmly remains the world favourite”, just because you asked your friends and surveyed a couple of US school students. It is not. Asia and Africa is Android territory. Apple is popular in america only because it is american period. this piece was written in bad taste

  • IvanKlimovich

    Google is a data driven company. They get much more DATA on this world then Apple. And this is where Google has outsmarted Apple.

  • Ariel Stampone

    Josh!!! he does not know how to use a tablet, she’s in coma now for yout fault!! lol , for her… in the box is an apple and that’s the reason for her to consider something a better product.

  • Ricardo

    Although I agree with your point of view:

  • http://adf.ly/W95Cs WOW LOOK THIS !!

  • Alan Lara

    Just to remind you that MS has more tan 20% ownership from Apple…

  • Ruka Health Fitness

    Only in the Android world is a different screen size trumpeted as “innovation.” Puhleeze.

  • FanboysAndNoobsSuckForLife

    Actually Android tabs are toys. iPads and Win8 tablets can…
    Edit photos, videos with decent apps
    Make decent documents (iWork, MS office)
    Better apps etc.

  • Jonthan

    I would like to know why there is always an Apple phone user that Android users lack knowledge on the subject of the iPhone and its “inventions” when they themselves do not know the history themselves.

    Invent: to produce (as something useful) for the first time through the
    use of the imagination or of ingenious thinking and experiment

    Read this: http://www.forbes.com/sites/larrymagid/2013/03/26/apples-next-big-thing-will-be-an-innovation-not-an-invention/

    All of the “inventions” you mentioned were already implemented in usable devices at least a decade before the first iPhone was released except for inertial scrolling which was invented but by Bas Ording before he was hired by Apple.

    http://www.idownloadblog.com/2012/08/07/steve-job-samsung-intertial-scrolling/ (inertial scrolling was invented by Bas Ording who was then hired by Steve Jobs to work for Apple to further innovate and apply his invention to Mac OSX and later the iPhone)

    Both Apple and Samsung (one Android-based phone manufacturer, who happens to also manufactures parts for the iPhone such as the new A7 processor in the new iPhone 5s) have each stolen tech from each other and others.


    In other words, no one is free from any guilt.

    I love the thickness and weight of iPhones and I find the Samsung Galaxy S4 is too slim and not enough grip. I can see a S4 slipping from my hand and flying a few feet. I would definitely have to get a case for it.

    Each type of phone system has its merits.

    I would probably give my wife an iPhone but for myself an Android as it will suit my needs as a technician.

    Android users love that you can customize the hell out of an Android phone.

    iPhone users love the design, OS interface and that it has a more stable operating system due to the scrutiny they put apps under although a test was reportedly done that an app with malware. It was successfully introduced to the store and downloaded.

    I have never owned an iPhone or Android phone but I do have an Android tablet. I have used both for testing purposes and to resolve or implement settings or apps that meet the needs of various clients.

    I currently use a Blackberry, as it is for business purposes.

  • Unbiased

    This article is sooooooooooooo 2012 ….. sure Apple targeted the mindless-snobish-elitist, eager to pay extra to feel “special”. And sure that strategy was wildly successful, so far.

    But as the low cost iphones show, that strategy has carried Apple just so far.

    Gradually, more and more consumers awaked from their “Oh I am rich too” dream and realized that it makes no sense to pay hundreds of additional dollars to get an Apple gadget with the same (or even less) capabilities than a Android one.

    Just wait, soon we will see Apple morphed into a regular market strategy and selling gadgets as cheap as possible in order to keep their market share. Just wait for the US$ 150 dollars Ipad

  • umbiased

    Carlota feels special because she uses an iphone! Good girl, good girl!!

  • j main

    Dimwitted author. Android tablets are just a much more enjoyable experience than Ipads. More versatile, better screens, better apps. As a photographer told me, Android just works better with his needs than anything Apple does.

  • j main

    Patronizing BS from a typical Apple user.

  • j main

    Ipad is useless for photographers. Android is much better.

  • tbernst

    Cut your head off as well while you are at it. I you don’t actually use the apps, the android phones are just fine.

  • yourmama

    You are lieng like a bitch there, first say those who use android wish to use apple kkkkkk. Second Only S2 while they launched S3 was still selling alot, but… matter fact S3 was the most selled SmartPhone. So Shut UP, i like your article but this was the far stupid one, Android rules and thats the shit, waiting paitily for Samsung Galaxy S5.

  • ennesdesign

    oopsss, kind of wrong nowadays!

  • baanzu

    No it doesn’t. It has zero% involvement.

  • skyler

    clearly androids are better than iphones, because iphones are for iphones only, cellphones are created for socialization . some people cannot afford to buy iphones. i phones can only pass files to other iphones via Bluetooth while androids can pass any files to any kind of phones . i’m not bias, i like iphones too . but what’s important for me is the convenience of using a phone for socialization .

  • Ndjedjsisn

    Pure rubbish

  • Ewald Horn

    Isn’t it simply amazing what can happen in less than a year? Apple brought out cheap products, Android is bigger than ever and we’re seeing a lot more diversity in the tablet market. For sure, the iPad is still king, but it’s being over-taken by the competition.

    At the end of the day, like you said, people realized that they could get the same, if not better experience, while spending less money. This has led to a flattening of the market, and the new iOS7 OS actually lessens the difference in the UX experience between an iPad and a Nexus tablet.

    I can’t wait for next year this time to see how wrong we all were :)

  • Joshua H

    You DO realize that Google is an advertising company, right? The money they make selling apps, music, etc is peanuts compared to their advertising income.

  • mojary

    “Apple fanbois seem to be very different. One of the first things a fanboi will do is link his iTunes account to his iDevice. And then link his credit-card to his iTunes account. While it’s true that there are many, many free apps on the AppStore, the very nature of the iPhone user is to push the button and pay the once off US$1 to remove the irritating adverts.”

    Try saying that to the dozens of people who had to include their creditcard before using their phone or tablet, and just days or months later find that their credit account has been emptied because some child or misunderstanding led them to buy gold for a game or some other moneyhungry app, then try to get their money back from Apple?

  • mojary

    Dont know, but still I still hate touchphone. Cant see Apple brought anything new.

  • Daniel Dalon

    At least Jobs bought the patents, google android stole it

  • Francesco Brozzu

    OH MY GOD! Android stole the SQUARED ICON PATENT from APPLE?!?!?!

  • loop3

    While Apple might have more sales now, Apple seems to be repeating the mistake allready made. It was the same as Mac vs PC (Microsoft), Microsoft went with the numbers and voila 10years later Mac is marginalized. Seems to me the same thing will happen to iPhone, as Apple has failed to learn from its mistakes.

  • alex

    lol pure bullshit and you obviously are a fan boy. This war is stupid, google copy apple, apple copy google. A touch screen is always buttonless, multitouch was first used by mitsubishi, not apple and was invented by jef han, not by anyone from apple. inertial scrolling is also not an apple invention. you are the one lacking knowledge, but as often with fan boy and apple, you make other’s people work yours. not a big deal, every fanatics do the same. same for android as a matter of fact. you people are ridiculous, none of your tech are coming out some apple or google desk, they wait for some genuises to make it, buy the patent and put their logo on it. that’s it. bunch of retarded

  • radiotrib

    “iPhone rocketed us into this new mobile era ????” … ermm .. quotes from Wikipedia

    “January 9, 2007 Steve Jobs announced the iPhone at the Macworld Convention” …

    “Initially a manufacturer of notebook computers, HTC began designing some of the world’s first touch and wireless hand-held devices in 1998. The company has a rich heritage of many “firsts”, including creating the first Microsoft-powered smartphone
    (2002) and the first Microsoft 3G phone (2005). Their first major
    product, one of the world’s first touch-screen smartphones, appeared in 2000″

    Innovation ?? .. Apple had 7 years to work out how to copy the real innovators in the smartphone business … Just the same way they ‘appropriated’ Xerox innovation to provide the original Mac UI .. and some people talk about patent infringement .. hah!…

  • radiotrib

    For someone in the health and fitness business you sure think you know a lot about technology … well ..

    erm … maybe that was an overstatement, having read back over several of your previous posts you seem to know a lot about knocking everything except Apple products but very little about the technology …

    Maybe you should go back to doing what your stage name indicates you are good at doing and leave the tech to us (unbiased) techies.

  • radiotrib

    Bear in mind also that the ‘beautiful wrappers’ to which you refer actually originated from a system called the Star Office System developed and marketed by Xerox. Apple appropriated that to become the original Operating System for the Lisa back in 1982/3 which eventually transformed into the Macintosh. That was the basis for all their future developments and wasn’t even an Apple product .. it was ripped.

  • khunkrumark

    It’s (iPad) still the “tablet of choice” for the discerning user… Erm, not here on earth it isn’t.

  • Tighearnan

    This article seems pointless to me.

  • Abilio Gune

    agree…that was a stupid comment

  • Ken B

    Congratulations, the only thing your article has achieved is adding more fuel to the pointless Apple vs. Android rantings. Who cares if Android “stole” a pattern for a “rectangular shape with rounded corners”, or if Apple really invented nothing. It’s as pointless as arguing who invented sliced bread and which slices have the most ideal size. We’re all different with different needs, and thus some will favor Apple and others will favor Android. Big deal. More important is to have a choice of what you as a person wants to use. Surely you can imagine a world with one car brand, one phone brand, and one brand of sliced bread (with government approved slices). I’m for one are happy with having choices, wether it might be Apple, Android, Blackberry, or some Blueberry copycat.

  • iawnaek

    Haha all the nutrients obviously has gone to every part of your body except your brain. Enough said.

  • iawnaek

    You obviously bought a cheap china brand tablet for 100 dollars and expected it to work like an iPad. Hmmm I am trying not to use the S word to describe you as a person.

  • iawnaek

    Apple is of course profitable because of dumbass like you. Just continue to be one and feed those shareholders with your hard earned money. They get your money and you get your shiny new useless toy to play with.

  • Stephen Emhecht

    “Every time I hear a statement like that is based on lack of knowledge and just pure hate on a premium brand.” HAHAHA. HAHAHA. THE SHEER IRONY.

  • Stephen Emhecht

    For once in life, you mean. Xerox called, they’d like the mouse back.

  • Stephen Emhecht

    So you’re saying that Apple’s disgusting position of charging their brainless customer is “outsmarting” Google, and that Google’s motto of “don’t be evil” isn’t smart?

    At least it’s ethical. Dick.

  • Stephen Emhecht

    “LOL UR JEALOUS” Tsk, are you 12 years old? Grow the hell up.

  • HZ

    Funny. Everybody I know who has tried both android and apple prefers apple. Apple’s OS is easier to use: more intuitive, simpler. It’s battery conservation is way better. It’s ability to automatically stay on/re-connect to the right wifi networks is way better too. And no, I’m not an Apple fanatic and there’s things about Apple’s business I don’t like.

  • Stephen Emhecht

    Yes, rocketed us into an era of embarrassing consumers who insist that the newest, most expensive product HAS to be the best. Thanks, Apple.!

  • Stephen Emhecht

    And everyone I know prefers Android because they aren’t your brainless friends you hang out with at the mall.

  • Stephen Emhecht

    shouldn’t have sat on it

  • Wancempo Elric

    Well…android is for all. Google is free. Even poor people can buy a smart phone now. But apple is a jerk who only think about themself. They should come out with cheaper price model.

  • HZ

    I’m a software developer with lots of clients. I have mostly used non-apple products my entire life and I own both android and apple products. You’re pretty rude, aren’t you? Bye.

  • Stephen Emhecht

    All I’m doing is sharing a personal anecdote, just like you. And I’m /sure/ you’re really a big important software developer. That is a very realistic and likely story that is probably 100% true.

  • Stephen Emhecht

    An /actual/ cheaper priced model and not just an iPhone 5 in a fancy plastic shell, you mean? ;)

  • Yannis

    bla bla bla

  • Wancempo Elric

    Haha I like your sarcasm dude. You see. People outside US…they don’t get a cheap contract phone. We don’t even get our hand on Nexus 7 in here. All the phone (even with contract), we need to pay 20% more with full price. Example the latest Iphone 5. Cost about 600 USD but outside US we need to pay about 650 USD (examples). We dont have a contract phone that sells for about 200 USD or 100 USD. That is why here we all prefere to buy android that cost about 300-400 USD without contract. Some smartphone even sells for about 50-100 USD without contract.

    Google is people’s product.
    Iphone is US product.

  • RD

    It’s interesting that people do not see the key ingredients of Apple’s strategy are to create an elitist product that everyone should covet. At the end of the day Apple/Samsung is a matter of personal preference and while everyone debates the brands, they both win as they rake in super-normal profits from consumers who don’t necessarily need another device but choose the folly of being cool over being practical…SMH

  • uhx

    If you weren’t so stupid what would you like to be?
    “Those who use Android wish they were using iPhones”
    Then just explain to us all why the f*** those who used Apple before switched to Android, I mean, Apple dominated the smartphone market back then so the only thing people had to do was NOT SWITCH if they wanted to keep using iPhones, which is easier than buying a new phone and learning how to use a new OS and also why the f*** should you buy an Android phone if you wanted an iPhone instead? The cost excuse doesn’t cut it the slightest bit just so you know there are used iPhones in nearly mint condition for sale and for cheap than the majority of the Android phones.
    The worse thing about this is that if you weren’t stupid but telling the truth instead that would only show that those who prefer iPhones are all idiots because they bought Android on impulse for some reason (that’s why I assumed you were stupid in the first place, I think it’s more likely one person to be “not right” in the head than millions, but hey, I may be wrong).

  • bd3

    Just to point out to everyone saying that Apple didn’t invent anything (which is true), neither did Google…

  • Gg

    One of the worst articles ever this man shld be really a dumb man … Dude get a life u hav ny sense … U are trying to compare Real Madrid with barcelona lol no matter if barcelona is good rite nw but records talk and madrid leads the chase and so does android don’t try to be happy by saying the apple has outsmarted android .. Who is the leader – android so why is ur … Burning …. Number one is always number one man get it straight

  • JayMankind

    Gee, the lengths Apple fans will go to make the fruit look clever is unmatched. Fact of the matter is, the Mac vs PC is being played out all over again. Apple’s draconian control will be its undoing yet again. May yet take a few years but it is inexorably heading that way.

  • ytrduftj

    There might be an average iPhone user because they like he said offer one prouduct
    But android isn’t a product its a system there might be average Samsung phone user average HTC phone user.
    Saying android has an average user is like saying there is an average Windows OS(for PC) user.
    I understand there actually is an average for everything but there are too many variants and no clear BIG group it is not a True average.

  • planker

    premium my anus, it’s crap at a premium. in fact it’s not even crap.. it’s JUST a brand. How’s that?

    Android is based on Unix. Apple is based on unix.
    Linux is based on unix.

    my mom is based on unix. Apple sells it. Google sort of sells it. Linux (ie. Ubuntu) gives it out for free.

    Go idiot, and PAY for it… You deserve being a sheep raped for wool…

  • planker

    you are a BOZO… rename your username to BZ for short!

    next time you use your dumbphone, sorry i meant iphone, try to use the bluetooth to send a file to anyone who DOESN’T have an iphone…. just try it. .then you will CRY for supporting proprietary soft and hard ware… but it’ll be too late… my little phakcstick…

  • Cherr

    Android is an OS. And Iphone is a mobile device in its entirety. Correct me if i’m wrong, Android is not owned by Google but is a major contributor to its development. And yes, Xerox wants its mouse back X-D ^^Stephen Emhecht

  • Dorian Harker

    You really think that 30-50 year olds care much for Apple evangelism and WISH they were using something which is… “cooler”? And these people actually pay for staff, not school students.

  • planker

    penisjuiiiiiceeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! those who use android wish they were using iphones.. .rarhahahrahrah….

  • kate

    It is the new apple flag ship iPhone! Those other phones have been out for some time. http://tiny.cc/rzcl4w

  • CFT

    All figures here are based on US market alone; very shallow view point.

  • me

    … well, your taste must be very low.

  • me

    Still, over all . Apple do make better products. Google and Samdung copy. And Android user’s really have no taste.

  • Ruka Health Fitness

    Aw, you cared enough to check me out. That’s sweet. So your position is that a different screen size qualifies as innovation? You’re seriously going to stick with that?

  • radiotrib

    I think you may be mistaking me for someone else .. I haven’t mentioned size once, nor do I consider the application of one size or another to be in the least innovative … It’s you who seems to be having have size issues, not me ;) … but iIf you could actually tear your eyes away from your own posts and look about 5 or 6 posts higher you’ll see what I was actually saying about innovation.

  • dudule

    Typical BS from a macslut tryng to rationalize the very fact he bought a technically outdated piece of crap made by slaves for 500 dols…

  • Lance Lee

    This is why I hate Apple: Sheep, fanboys. Those adds actually bring in more money in the long run. A smart user will also just shut off Wifi or Mobile data to avoid those adverts. It’s a win-win. The writer is obviously an idiot. Low-end android and iphones are comparable in specs. Android needs more to run as smoothly, true but in effect, it does more for the user if he just takes the time to set it up. Tasker can send texts automatically, Google now is way better than siri as a digital assistant learning from what you do and giving you information that you needs when you needs it. Conclusion, Android is for those who want to get more for their money and want their phone to work for them, practical. iOS is for those who just buys the most expensive thing. Sorry if this post is a bit biased, I just can’t help it after reading this fanboyism

  • Lance Lee

    Used both, think iOS is trash. You can’t attach PDFs to emails, you can’t choose you standard browser, there isn’t even a unified back button. I can go on and on on how iOS is harder to use but i’ll just link you here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMiY1kSTHZw

  • Ruka Health Fitness

    Oh jeez, give it a rest already. We get your point. Apple never ever did anything innovative, never accomplished anything worth noting, is populated entirely by liars and thieves, should by all rights be bankrupt and out of business, and everyone who buys anything with an apple on it has been scammed and robbed. WE GET IT.

  • radiotrib

    Foolish boy

  • christopherjacques

    Sadly I think this is where Amazon has outsmarted both. They are producing high quality tablets at low prices and making up for it in the Amazon store.

  • christopherjacques

    Are you trying to say you can’t compare two different business models? Or that because two different business models exist one can’t be better than the other? THAT is just silly.

  • Andre Jardim

    stupidity is an illness, please keep this stupid article to your self, because you are talking smack, you like to pay a lot to get less, I get it, iphone is only sold in the US, android is world wide, in 2013 apple want to start selling iphone in other countries. my conclusion of this article is that Americans are stupid, they don’t know better, they just do what they are told to do, great job USA citizens.

  • Andre Jardim

    thank you

  • Andre Jardim

    battery conservation is better?? please, iphone is so cheap that they use 1560 mah in the 5s, that’s sad, you cant go a hole day without charging, iphone is a toy for slow people

  • issun

    If Apple didn’t pay you for this, you’ll be doing humanity a favor by jumping out of the closest window. Apple was the first in the modern smartphone market. So they were popular until Android came to the market. For tablets, its the same thing. It wont be top player for long. It’s all to do with the business model. Apple’s restrictions hamper creativity and deny users functionality. Apple is a pretty good company with a lot of creative people. But it can’t hold a candle to how Google seems to be harnessing creativity of the whole world to push forward Android.
    Most new features of each version of Android are stuff that modders have played around with and approved by people who used them. You can’t beat that. Even Apples iOS7 look has been around for sometime with MIUI.

  • Fadzli Rahim

    This is an article done by an Apple fan-boy , he is clearly just stating the obvious. Apple has always had the same business since the first Iphone till now , even before Google came into the picture . What the reader failed to mention that ever since Google came into the picture , Apple has been losing market share and doesn’t look like they gonna regain it back anytime soon . Market share has dropped and stock price has dropped since Google came into the picture . Has Apple outsmarted Google or is it the other way around ?

  • Anonimo Gonzalez Hernandez

    My “Apple fanboy radar for Android” is going insane with this article

  • demigod79

    Apple’s business model is based on selling devices. Google’s business model is based on advertising dollars from their services. In that sense, Android is succeeding beyond Google’s wildest dreams! Apple’s only real attempt at challenging Google was Apple Maps, which was a disaster (in other words, they failed, and failed BADLY).

    From what I can see, Google is getting exactly what they want with Android. Apple poses no threat to Google – in fact, an iPhone or iPad is nothing without Google services (just imagine an iPhone without Gmail, YouTube or Google Maps).

  • Ruka Health Fitness

    You just keep singing that same old song. :: yawn ::

  • Seski

    R.I.P objective journalism…

  • seb

    That’s a natural course. They had the Iphone for a long time, so something else came and they Dove. Less than two years from now, they’ll will move to another platform. They just need something different after a while.

  • seb

    Dude, you need to get laid. Relax man and stop acting like a Robot.

  • Commentor

    This article is very shortsighted.
    In the long run, boosted up by the current economical crisis, Apple’s strategy will turn against them, as people will care more and more about money.
    And as the general user’s technical abilities are going to grow by time, the Apple marketing scheme aiming at stupid, quick-spending people will face a rapidly decreasing audience.
    But due to the Snowden revelation’s aftereffects of increased security awareness, technically fit people are going to turn to less snoopish systems like Firefox or Ubuntu, so Android won’t get all out of Apple’s decreasing market share.

  • TheOriginalBigHair

    You do realize the Samsung built most of Apple’s product until the iphone 4 right? & wait… you can’t copy & paste on an iphone??? There’s a reason I call em iChumps…

  • penanulat

    I think apple is trying to keep its high standard and durable product unlike others who are producing in mass production and do not care about their standard which lead people to belief that Apple is still the number one to purchase. It is not always the cheap product with the best standard. eg made in China product which was use only a few days and develop all sort of problem.

  • jef

    Better yet, you can’t refute any of these with a shred of even remotely possibly ‘intellectual’ claims. Not even one. And, yeah, I ALSO GET IT that you just keep going to drink that Kool Aid.

  • micheasz


  • noone9

    It is usually the case that unintelligent (computer illiterates or plain hapless ignoramus) people tend to follow a trend such as caring about a smartphone because of the “Living Standards” or “Social Status”. The reason we allege that proprietary software is “evil” is not because of caprice it is because it violates the core principles of freedom. We don’t care about apps being expensive or “gratis”, we care about them (and its inherited hardware) being free (as in freedom). Android is far from perfect, but I can use it as I see fit, I can easily root it, I can use it as a flash drive, I don’t have to synchronize it with low quality buggy bloated software (iTunes), I can easily install .apk’s on it, I can use it as a development platform without having to sign my code in layers of unnecessary complexity, there is better software quality available, the most advanced devices on the market are Android (and iPhones take ages to catch up), Java is a more modern elegant architecture than dated Objective C, and the best of all I am not one of those faggot iOS fans that don’t even know how to use their Apple devices properly.

  • Willem de Groot

    In other news, as a term LSM (for Living Standards Measure) is almost exclusively used in South Africa.

  • vligu

    Actually google is an advertising company while apple is device/software producer-seller. They have different goals, Google needs the high market share to promote Ads, Google doesn’t need to get money from the users CC but from the businesses it promotes. On the other hand Apple makes money from the user. So you can’t really compare Apple’s profits over Google’s ones on either platform.

  • Cheyne

    Looking at this all wrong. It’s not the battle of phones for Google, it’s a battle of market share. The more devices they have out there the more they have their services out there. Google is an advertising company and they use tech to distribute their services and advertising. This idea is supported through the fact that the operating system is free to use.

  • Anirudh Sharma

    cant agree with the article more. said what ive always believed but found rather hard to articulate. dis agree all you want, deep inside, cant argue with the logic can you? dont answer me now, answer yourself :D

  • Multitouch existed for… some time before, yes. Multitouch wasn’t even imagined to exist in a phone before Apple; the perfect solution seemed to be this wonderful plastic qwerty keyboard, FaceTime on a phone? YES, existed years before, then again it wasn’t a standard feature like the iPhone made it be.

    Thats just the outer shell, everything from the SDKS to make App Store’s apps, to the so now-normal GPS for navigation, to Push notifications for each app, to visual voicemail development with ATT. It was a revolution to the telephony industry. Mobile telephony is now what it is thanks to the iPhone’s effort to introduce new technologies to the market, everybody who denies its influence its just blind. My fanaticism doesn’t belong to a company for making just beautiful products, it belongs to a company that make sure to take technologies that exist and make great products out of them, when no other company dares to.

  • No Ashley, sorry, but are you even making an argument. You mean that both Linux AND iOS are both based on UNIX.

    OK, all I understood was that you defend Samsung’s move of increasing the screen as an excuse of innovation…
    So when you see bigger screen as better feature, I love enjoying a bigger pixel density. Anyway even me want bigger screen size, time have changed, and the mobile industry have grown ridiculously fast. But don’t get confused, the iPhone WAS way big at 2007, considered to all other phones out there.

    Your friends are tragic indeed if they don’t realise how to do simple things like copy/paste on iOS since 2009.

    Blackberry did beat* past tense. the iOS/Android OS can make anything that Blackberry did, and better. IDK what you could be talking about.

  • They invent products, they don’t ever claim to have invented capacitive displays or gps technologies. There is so many interviews that you can watch over the internet and hear about how bringing all those technologies together can make a big, single great product.

    Or you can have a 1965 capacity display on eBay, and a scrolling algorithm. for like 10$, and do perfectly nothing with it, because those are two useless pieces separated.

  • Ohh, a great company is not built guilt-free. It may be all about tactics and taste.

    I almost liked your argument, but after all I’ve wrote here, I still find hard to underestand that people dont provide me with any premise to counteract my point. There have been indeed separated technologies that have been ‘invented’ before the iPhone, yet you and everybody else fails to see that there were -(as you said)…

    -“All of the “inventions” you mentioned were already implemented in usable devices”…

    Yet the only thing you failed to provide (i mean i loved the links and all but..), was in fact that there is NO other usable device before the iPhone that integrates all those loved features, included in the post iPhone era, all into a single, multipurpose product.

    Apart from that, I can totally agree on other part of your argument about preference and customisation.

  • You do not seem to be aware there exist computer programers responsible of adding new features and extend the usability of foundations of the operating systems.

    Your argument: pants are open source, shirts are open source, so wearing a belt and a bracelet are shit because your look is based on the clothes you wore with them.
    Can anybody else wear the same belt and bracelet to make a similar look? Yea, they just wouldn’t be introducing anything new.

    It sounds as stupid as thinking that the core of the operating system is the only source of features that exists.
    So much shameless copy paste from wikipedia without understanding anything. All you demonstrated was that the bone structure of iOS/Mac OS X is based on some open source code. Yet there is more to an OS than the managing of its hardware resources; not just page swapping, multithreading or file managing, kernel…

  • You would give a great example of an iChump.
    Do you realise that Apple creates and designs all of the products that Samsung (just) manufacture for Apple?

    Having great labor force, and manufacture power doesn’t mean it is a bad company under my judgement, yet they aren’t innovating anything really. Unless you call bigger screens an innovation and a revolution to the mobile/communication/telephony era.

    Btw, they keep ‘manufacturing’ processors for Apple.

  • eutoteu

    “YES, existed years before, then again it wasn’t a standard feature like the iPhone made it be”

    Oh, amazing! They took existing technologies and made them “standard” features. That is TRUE innovation right there!

    Like the person above said: go drink your Kool Aid.

  • Gaurav Sharma

    This article clearly shows the lack of knowledge of author on what we call positioning strategy in marketing terms. The first and foremost reason for android to exist is to reach masses. Apart from that android has a different business model compared to apple. They clearly don’t focus on forcing the customer to spend the money on their store rather they want the customer to spend time on the store download the app and the developer benefited by showing the ads in apps which is a win win deal for both customer and developer.

  • David olafsson

    Push existed on Blackberry before apple. Facetime didnt make video a standard, SDKs? you must be joking, SDK’s have existed much longer than the iphone.

    “Mobile telephony is now what it is thanks to the iPhone’s effort to introduce new technologies to the market”

    This is exactly what apple has not done, what they have done almost every single time is take existing tech, put beautiful wrappers on it and market it very effectively.

  • Francesco Brozzu

    I don’t agree with this, the thing that i hate about apple is the fact that they claim bought patents as their “inventions” and then sell them at unaffordable prices. In my opinion useful and brilliant stuff has to be free, cheap and open and i am not talking just about “open sourcez xddd” i’m talking about everything from science to general knowledge, to school books. Let’s make a real life example, (i’m talking about italian school) this year i turned sophomore and i had to change all my books, i spent like 300€ (410$) in school books. Now everyone would say: “Well you must buy the books what’s the big deal?”, that’s where you’re wrong! This year some people proposed the digital book project and with this every student instead of having all those useless textbooks he would have got an ink tablet with a free wiki where he could check all the information that he would have found in a textbook but daily updated and interactive. This, at least for me, sounded like an amazing project, everyone had to spend just 79€ for an ink tablet and everyone would have saved tons of money and trees (if i’m not wrong paper is made with wood). However the project was rejected because, here comes the fun part, publishers started complaining and started make conferences about how important the textbook is etc… Isn’t this just ridiculous? We are talking about SCHOOL, something useful that everyone MUST have, but because of some stupid company we have to stick to expensive stuff that’s also limited! The point is: Why i have to spend for something limited and expensive if i can’t get something else cheaper and more open? Why can’t Apple open their mind at least a little and think in a context where humanity counts more than money?

  • Deon Hamilton

    lol all the tec was not invented by Apple the cell phone was not, touch screens have been around longer than phones have even multitouch was around before the cell phone i think you should do some research before you open your mouth because your making yourself look dumb and then you someone else has a lack of Knowledge, what a joke

  • Deon Hamilton

    apple even ripped the os off commodore amiga

  • Deon Hamilton

    i had a phone with everything the iphone had 2 years before the iphone came out so how is it that apple did it first????

  • photohounds

    Where DO you get your sales data from??
    iStuff hasn’t led, let alone “dominated” the tablet market for nearly TWO years.

  • Brp Goyo

    Sorry, but very few condone the human slavery of a stupid company named after a high-fiber fruit. This article was clearly written by an Applehead, and that’s a new insult for people too full of themselves they almost always end up being the self-righteous faggot that this writer is.

  • photohounds

    I had a Palm TREO – that, some Nokias and the BB ‘rocketed early adopters into the smartphone era’.

    The sheep followed with a design copied from LG PRADA and Sam’s F-700. Check the time line, oh history revisionista.

    One thing Apple did brilliantly is to leverage the ‘free’ iToons to gain a huge market share.

    Their flaccid design is now eschewed by most buyers, appealing more to teenage ‘like’ girls than any other group.

  • Niki

    I have a first generation iPad and till day I regret not opting for the Samsung Tab. Luckily, MS came out with WP8 and I was more than happy to delete my iTunes account and hand over my iPad to my toddler son. I carry a Lumia now and have not felt the need of a Tablet since.

  • Niki

    Thoughtful imitation is nothing less than originality

  • Niki

    Apple even stole the mouse from Xerox along with their icon based UI idea.

  • Niki

    Yes, Apple is only scamming you!! I learnt this the hard way, after wasting $1000+ on an iPad.

  • Niki

    LOL. Good one!!

  • Jvquarck

    Apple announced cheaper goods for this new year, tablet market has made it’s turn and now it’s on android field. Seems your logic flaws a bit. Turn on photoshop -> change apples for droids -> pic is ok again. It’s allright to share your opinion, but in a market that was already expanding (not everybody had a tablet or their kids), selling the same amount can mean you’re going down, and contrary to apple’s sales stagnation, droid tablets sales were boosting on the double. Cheers!

  • Dishonest Liar

    Naah… apple bind you all with its nonsense itunes..i can’t watch movie till i convert it n sync with itunes. And you cannot even transfer your files easily to ipad coz u need to buy an expensive basic adapter usb??

    You all are being spellbound by apple tho..

  • loki

    geez your dense… nothing is made by APPLE!!!!! get it through your skull.. screen, cpu, memory, gps, blue tooth, wifi, battery even is all made by someone else using someone elses tech. Apple helped put them together. The multi touch screens were not invented by Apple.

  • loki

    you sir, are a moron. accept it .. know it and be proud of it. iPhone is a joke created by corporate people to fool/ mask the truth about 99% of the tech in the phones were made, produced by other companies. Android is given freely to phone makers to change/customize if it “looks” like an iPhone doesn’t mean it has been copied from an iPhone. Its not a bout venom or anger it is simply frustrating to see so many blind iphone users and think that the human race has any hope at all. I think the iPhone hardware is only soso every New phone that is released simply doesn’t beat the top of the line android phones. OS wise well you know how bad the first iPhone was is was terrible but everyone screamed and yelled about how great it was. what a joke. Multi tasking anyone.. did iPhone copy that from android? no it was simply a need that was fulfilled.

  • EricKGVG

    Honestly this article makes me feel like all Google/Andrio users are the extreme poor instead of being considerate in their expenses over technological devices, and all iDevice Users are inconsiderate or show-off people who don’t know how to spend over such device in a more economical way.

    Definitely Apple’s marketing strategy is to influence the people to feel premium when using it though many are not. Then they are again tricked to show off their premiums and buy all apps through their iDevices. On the other hand, Google targets the larger population who everyday face financial constraints and other societal pressures and dream to have fantastic smart phone using experience.

  • Tra McPeak

    OK, I accept and I am proud to be a moron. I just never saw anyone using an android phone before the iPhone.

  • Bob

    Does it matter whether apple did it first or not? Apple obviously managed to do it ‘better’, otherwise the iPhone would never have become popular and we’d all be using your old phone.

  • Agnosto

    Why can you work for free?

  • Francesco Brozzu

    Well, Google employees get paid but their services are free, and their phones are cheap.

  • Francesco Brozzu

    Well i’m still amazed by blackberry.

  • cipnrkorvo

    Apple has always focused on people who are willing to spend more, and on fashion/peer pressure. Nothing new here.

  • I’m wondering what this article means by open-source. I’ve never seen that phrase hyphenated before. Nor is it usually used in scare quotes. In case you’re interested, Open Source isn’t a vague namby-pamby notion: it is a legal term, with a precisely defined meaning. (It’s quite similar, but not quite identical, to Free Software, also a precisely defined term (the “four freedoms” of the FSF and the Debian Free Software Guidelines are the places to look.)


  • Jan2485

    Doesn’t really matter who makes more money. What matters is how satisfied a customer is with the product they’re using. I really really wanted to like the iPhone, but personally they’re just not worth the money Apple is charging for them, with the limitations they’re putting by default. Heck, I can’t even force the thing to constantly stay on 3G/WCDMA network mode, since coverage from where I am always fluctuates between EDGE and 3G. I know, that’s a limitation put by apple to probably prolong battery life and prevent signals from dropping, but why can’t I have the option to do that, since someone who chooses that option is probably aware of the consequences? No offense to iPhone users but makes me wonder if iPhones are really made to be stupid-proof. Still waiting for Apple to make the perfect iPhone to my liking though. Maybe the iPhone 6 (or 56, I hope not). Just my two cents.

  • EssayWritingCentre.Com

    Apple might have a better business model but the open source nature of Android makes it much better because of the apps and the superior functionality….as a business manager, i would want to be managing apple, as a consumer…i think Android does it better :)

  • Txtraveler

    I love these fanboy articles that go through torturously circuitous logic to arrive at the strained claim that the Apple i-anything is better than everything else. Apple makes a very good device for those who don’t or can’t care about flexibility or anything other that having it do what the manufacturer says it will do, I’ll grant that. For moneyed low tech users, I recommend it.

    OTOH, Android (and Windows) devices offer flexibility and customization options that Apple cannot even approach. If you cannot or will not use those, fine, but if you want them you can’t get them from any iDevice. The real trick though is Apple’s skill in marketing, which is impressive enough to build a fanboy base of followers who will write articles like this one.

    Those fanboys need to learn that Google and Android aren’t about Apple, they are about letting consumers do what THEY want with their devices, and not what companies like Apple ALLOW them to do with the device. Apple is about Apple, but most other companies are about the consumer. That is why I chose an Android pad and have Windows on my computer. They cater to who I am, adapt to ME, and aren’t insisting that I fit into an iBox.

  • Txtraveler

    You can compare the business models, sure. The problem is in making the subjective decision that one is better than the other based on criteria that ignores the differences in the business models.

  • Txtraveler

    How clever of Apple to patent the rectangle!

  • Don’t just read the media, read the patent itself.

  • Txtraveler

    I didn’t realize I had to put [sarcasm font] in that post for people to realize it was sarcasm…

  • Txtraveler

    Apple didn’t do it better, they MARKETED it better.

  • Txtraveler

    I saw multitouch and button-free devices on multiple tv show prior to the existence of the Internet, let alone the iPhone. Did you ever watch Andromeda? Remember “flexies”? Apple didn’t invent any of that stuff…they just marketed it.

  • TheBigR

    Have you revisited your article this year in light of apples success in addressing it’s lack of presence in emerging markets and that the 1st world mobile phone market is near saturation for their (and android) products ?

  • Why is it always fandroids always need to start hate wars with Apple users.

    They appeal to different people. I don’t see economy class passengers going out of their way behaving like they have an inferiority complex, considering themselves superior because they paid much less than business class passengers on the same plane and flight.

    Pick what you like.

    I build my own systems and am primarily a windows PC user (a background that would suggest a preference for android). I enjoy the clean, straightforward simplicity of iOS, don’t want an overly large screen on a phone and I actually don’t mind paying for good apps so that I can support the people who made them and/or not have ads interfering with my experience.

    If strawberries are cheaper than blueberries and you prefer strawberries over blueberries, I’m not going to be all over your ass just because I prefer blueberries and they’re cheaper than what you’re getting.

    If anything, it only proves that fandroids need to grow up.

  • Saurabh

    35 % of school students in US.. world is not US.. get over this iphone love please

  • Emily Jesse

    Why is apple consistently losing market share in all categories. itunes is their strongest feature now and thats lacking. Hey I got the 5S, new Ipad, I mac and have been a user since 2010 but they are losing me to google or microsoft soon.

  • Viliami Tuanaki

    No. Apple hasn’t outsmarted anyone.

  • Android is open, iOS is closed. Android is open-source. iOS is closed source.

  • Android is open, iOS is closed. Android is open-source. iOS is closed source.

  • Blastergamer

    Yeah, I’ve heard that younger people don’t even want an iPhone in Europe like Germany, because youth people are all on android, while iPhones are only used by elderly people.

    Another example is in Asia Taiwan (I live there):

    No person cares this plate from Apple. People buy the cheap and well-powered ones. People said iPhones are complicated, some say it’s too small. The majority of people who have iPhones is less than 0.5%, due to price. Google made the smartphone campaign better, and Apple doesn’t want to turn.

  • derpington


  • BadzMaru

    As a owner of an Ipad mini and an Google Nexus 7 (2013). I play the same Game on both devices (Clash of Clans) and have noticed the difference. Although the Google Nexus 7 has quad core, its still no match against the ipad mini. The nexus 7 gets very hot when I play this game and I can here noises inside the unit but its cool and quiet on teh ipad mini. Also the graphics seems to be smoother on the Ipad mini, so I’m guessing you do get what you paid for… the Nexus 7 is far more cheaper so they both have there advantages…

  • Esteban

    I believe this idiot owns an iPhone…

  • Can’t stop not to ignore.. on the launch of iPhone, I want a piece of it. But then they sued Samsung, the phone with rounded corners that I used to have 2 1/2 years before iPhone was launched. I’ll stick with android OS on any Phone company that I will like. When Samsung won a case versus Apple, the US government reversed the ruling simple because Samsung is not an American company and this can “potential cripple” a segment of the economy.

    iPhones now are just plainly a status phone, if you have one then you are the “top of the crop” people who can afford it.

    On the battle on who wins, Google is earning money via ads.. Most developers who build decent programs uses Google ads as a primary ad engine and Google also earns from it. Apple relies heavily on people buying from the app stores.. Google relies on the amount of phones sold and on the sheer numbers of it’s users who want’s an ad supported software. Google only earns a fraction on sales via app store but earn billions on ads being sent to the phones.

  • orthorim

    I don’t think they outsmarted anyone. Apple’s always been about producing the best product they can, and not settling for second, or third best.

    They don’t make crap computers; they don’t make crap phones. So they end up owning the high end, and they’re happy with this; it’s just not that it’s a high-end only strategy per se, it’s their entire philosophy. Making these products is not a “market strategy” for the company – they don’t cleverly market research, and they don’t weigh advantages of selling tons of cheap, crap phones vs selling a few high end ones. Making these products is the reason Apple exists. It’s not their core business, it’s their core.

    Apple’s real challenges lie in ramping production; they make 3x as many devices as they did three years ago, and the machinery is chugging along. All the while they manufacture products that use materials in new ways, from the steel-and-glass iPhone 1 to the glass sandwich iPhone 4 to the aluminium iPhone 5/s. Notice how nobody can touch the fit and finish, the feel of that hardware. It’s Apple’s biggest prize.

    Market share is what analysts fret about. Apple doesn’t care if half the world buys crap Nokias or crap Samsungs. Apple also doesn’t care that Android is getting way better than it was; they do defend their intellectual property, and I personally think they’re wasting way too much effort and time on that. But they’ve been burned by the whole Windows thing so that’s why they do it. I think they’d be better off just concentrating on themselves.

  • orthorim

    Apple’s hardware chips currently destroy the competition. This is the payoff for investing in PA Semi all those years back. It only cost them $100M, now they’re reaping the benefits.
    And guess who is ramping up their own chip design department? Samsung, of course. Late to the game, but not to be left behind, they’re now making serious efforts to design their own ARM based chips. They’re just a few years behind Apple.

  • orthorim

    They’re growing unit sales and losing market share because the switchover to smartphones happens much faster than iPhone sales are rising.

    I think Apple has a rock solid lead in high end smartphones, e.g. $500 and up unsubsidized. They’re wiping the floor with everyone. But hundreds of millions of low end Android phones are flooding in, they are getting better too.

    The US market is entirely subsidized so I think when the 5C is free on all carriers – is it already? – then Apple has basically locked in the US market for good. iPhones already make more than 50% of sales at US carriers, that number isn’t going to go down.

  • Filipe

    I heard apple sued David Copperfield for using the word magic, that was invented by apple.

  • Grek

    Apple $ comes from Apps related to BigBrother-like IT model (aka. “only we decide”)
    Google $ comes from Ads related to BigBrother-like Internet search (aka. “we see everything”)

    simple difference :)

  • tirthankar bera

    apple is the just big papa of android ,, so no more discuss about this point…

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