iTunes Music Store available in 56 new countries


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iTunes 11, which launched on 29 November, has added 56 countries to its music store, including South Africa, India and Russia, according to a press release from Apple. This doubles the number of countries that can now download DRM-free tracks from both local acts and major artists. Russia, Turkey, India and Indonesia may now also download movies from major distributors like 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, The Walt Disney Studios and Warner Bros. And more countries could be added later to the list.

The App Store now has more than 700 000 apps in 155 countries and 119 countries where media can be downloaded. It would seem that iTunes are listening to users. iCloud has been integrated even more and will allow you play media on any device, even in offline mode or if your connection gets interrupted. A new mini player in a widget sized window let’s you cue up songs with views to what is playing next. An intelligent feature is that if a user can’t decide what track he wants to play next, iTunes will make recommendations in accordance to what is currently playing. If your viewing or listening gets interrupted, iTunes will now remember your position in a movie or song.



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