Microsoft SkyDrive for Xbox is available from today

In case you haven’t heard, Microsoft will be releasing 40 new apps for Xbox, with the latest being its SkyDrive app. The app will allow users to access Microsoft’s cloud service and connect their devices to easily view content, be it photos or movies, and will also have support for Kinect voice and gesture controls. Users will be able to connect their various Microsoft devices with each other and access content wherever they want through the cloud. Take a photo with your Windows Phone, share it via SkyDrive and it will appear on your TV screen.

Microsoft has seen an ever increasing demand for online movies and television, where users can buy and/or rent movies. According to Ross Honey, general manager of entertainment and advertising, the usage of entertainment apps on Xbox saw an increase of 63% since last year with 1.26-million Xbox consoles sold in the US in November. As reported a short while ago, TV is increasingly been seen as the next big connected thing in the ever changing online world.

According to some reports, various TV channels will also be available in the future. Some of these are MTV, PBS, The CW, Napster, Machinima, PopcornFlix, Ameba TV and Flixster. Some apps will not be available from the onset, but should be ready for download in the coming months.




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