BlackBerry Z10 hands on review: guess who’s back?

Blackberry Z10

The BB Z10, RIM’s, excuse me, BlackBerry’s new flagship phone, the other being the touch and type Q10, is exactly what BlackBerry needs to pull itself out of the deep, dark hole it’s currently positioned in. Not in sales of course, as BlackBerrys still sell by the millions. But the geek-elite and those “in the know” have all but abandoned this stale and wholly outdated platform. The Z10 is going to change this of course, for better or for worse. I’ll detail the worse later.

For better

The Z10 is one hell of a beautiful device. It’s got a 4.2-inch screen, a 356PPI display, a 1.5GHz dual core Snapdragon S4 processor with 2GB of RAM, 16GB internal memory plus support for further memory with an expandable MicroSD slot and one of the most responsive touch screens ever produced. Camera wise, and outside of the incredibly responsive touchscreen picture snapping mechanism, we get an 8MP in rear and a 2MP for VoIP chats. Also, and most importantly it lacks any physical buttons, save for the PlayBook-like media keys and power button located on the sides of the device. A no-button interface is the future, and the Z10 embraces this with glee.

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