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The beer dispensing drone: coming soon to a festival near you

We have seen people do some pretty cool things with quadrocopter drones. Like play the James Bond theme song, go fishing or engage in an acrobatics showdown.

Now it looks like there’s a drone to appeal to the serial party-goer in all of us. OppiKoppi, an annual music festival held in a rugged corner of South Africa, is set to include a beer-dispensing quadrocopter among its features this year. According to a video released today, the OppiKoppi beer drone technology v1.1 will deliver beers that have been ordered to the District 9 campsite at this year’s Bewildered Beast themed ‘Oppi’ .

At the moment it is hand-guided, but will reportedly eventually fly on a GPS grid.

Get your cup holders ready for OppiKoppi’s aerial dispenser.

Author | Bianca Budricks

Bianca Budricks
Bianca is a Communications and English Graduate all the way from North-West University Potchefstroom, finding her feet in the fair Cape as a ‘professional’ intern. She’s an avid reader, writer, wild child and adventurer with a special predilection towards gadgets and digital. More

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