8 ways to improve your Facebook EdgeRank



Just as Google has a set of complex algorithms that determine where your website or content ranks in its search results, Facebook has its own set of algorithms that determine what content shows up in a user’s newsfeed. These algorithms have become what is now known as EdgeRank. While we can’t be exactly sure what Facebook takes into consideration, it has provided us with three elements that it claims determine EdgeRank.

  • Affinity or the relationship the user has with the object, for example how often they interact with the page.
  • Weight is a value system that Facebook has assigned to certain interactions. For example a like has less weight than a comment. Content with the most “weight” is more likely to appear in a user’s newsfeed.
  • Lastly Time-Decay or simply the older the post, the less importance it has.

With these factors in mind here are a few tips that can help your content reach your community and encourage them to engage with your content.

1. Add value

By supplying value to your users, you will encourage them to like, comment or share your content. Every community manager or social media copywriter worth their keep will know that these are the top three prizes in the game.

2. Use pictures and video

Attaching a photo or video dramatically increases the chances of users engaging with your content. Engagement increases the weight of your content and improves the chance of it appearing your community’s newsfeed.

3. Use links

Linking to credible or relevant sources will increase the chance of users clicking on your link. Adding value to your community should be your number one priority and linking to great content is one of the leading ways of doing this.

4. Don’t write too much

Studies suggest that users prefer short to the point content. Don’t exceed 250 characters and avoid unnecessary fluff at all costs.

5. Remember you’re human

People like to talk to people, not cold marketing machines. Use this in your advantage and watch your engagement levels soar.

6. Mix things up

While finding a winning formula is key to your success, don’t do the same thing over and over again as users will become bored with your content and will stop engaging with you.

7. Use the tools at hand

Facebook analytics is your friend and provides all the analysis you need. Most 3rd party tools use data that is already available for free and just repackage it at a premium. Spend some time familiarising yourself with this great feature.

8. Be timely

Study when your posts receive the most engagement and post during these times. Each community’s users have preferences to when they will engage with content. By studying these habits you can present content to users at the time of day that they prefer.

As you may have already noticed, engagement and analysis are key. Provide value to your users and study what their preferences are. Successfully execute these two elements and watch your page’s EdgeRank soar.



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