Apple beats Samsung in Korea with customer satisfaction

iOS vs Android

Apple has started winning the hearts and minds of customers on Samsung’s home turf. The Cupertino-based giant is known for its high customer ratings as much as it is known for boasting about them (Tim Cook makes sure of this). According to a report done in Samsung’s home country of Korea, customers were most satisfied with the iPhone maker’s customer service than Samsung or LG’s.

In fact, Apple’s customer satisfaction rating in Korea trumps its rival Samsung’s by two percent. As reported by Apple Insider, Apple boasts a “52% satisfaction rate that topped a 50% satisfaction rate for Samsung, as well as a 46% satisfaction rate for South Korea’s LG.”

The survey was done by the popular Korean search portal Naver (yes, it’s all in Korean) and surveyed 44 168 smartphone owners. It specifically looked at smartphone users’ satisfaction with both the device’s performance over the course of one year and the manufacturer’s customer service over that same period.

Korea is known for its smartphone loyalties to the extent that it’s considered an addiction. As pointed out by Daily News about 70% of South Korea’s 50-million people have smartphones. This is said to be the highest penetration rate in the world.

The report found that out of all the respondents, more found satisfaction with Apple’s speed in processing device repairs. iPhone loyalists were also the least likely to have to send their devices in for repairs.

Only 17% of Koreans reported faults or issues with their iPhones and 31% reported issues with Android-based Samsung phones.

Through this penetration rate, Samsung still holds the majority of domestic and international market share. This could be mostly attributed to cementing the market with cheap plastic phones and by covering every inch of displays. Though Apple seems to be winning the war when it comes to quality, Samsung is winning the de facto war when it comes to quantity.

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