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Fliike could be the best thing to happen to your Facebook efforts this year

Monkey see, monkey do. That is the old adage… and it’s true. We are not as infinitely complex as research suggests. In fact we are manipulatable and we often enjoy it too. Enter Fliike, a mechanical device that simply displays the number of Facebook followers you have…in real-time. Now don’t get me wrong there is little revolutionary here – counters and similar machines attached to Facebook have been about for ages – it’s beauty is in the simplicity, gorgeous design and overall “it’s here and ready to go”-ness.

I expect to see these in places that understand the power of instant gratification, have dwell time (restaurants, coffee houses etc) and those that like a bit of whimsy with their brand personality.

There are few places where this would be seen as a bad thing – in fact – even while the distinct “quality not quantity” newsfeed hum continues — it’s rare to find someone who will tell you flatly more genuine people is not usually better (just make sure you have enough to entertain them beyond the counter). Currently aimed mainly for the smaller fan count pages of the world, there is a larger version in the works per CEO, Gauthier Nadaud. Pricing starts at US$390 (exc VAT/delivery).

Fliike by Smiirl from Smiirl on Vimeo.

This article by Paul Armstrong originally appeared on PaulArmstrnong.net, a Burn Media publishing partner. Image: Trendwatching.

Author | Paul Armstrong

Paul Armstrong
Paul Armstrong runs HERE/FORTH an advisory that helps business leaders decide how to best use rapidly changing and emerging technologies. More

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