Creatives and product shots: parody targets every tech commercial ever

College humor bakers

College humor bakers

Working up to the launch of a new smartphone/tablet/laptop and wondering how you can convince potential customers that something cold and shiny will make their life better? College Humor has some tips for you.

The comedy website’s latest parody video is all about tech ads, pointing out whatever you’re promoting doesn’t matter that much, as the formula is pretty much the same. Take some indie music, add some young, attractive people with creative professions, throw in a handful of shots that only last a few seconds and maybe a quick glimpse of the actual device, and you’re done.

If you really want to join the big leagues, you’ll also include a handful of cast members in various interesting locations, and make sure they finish each other’s sentences and include as many snappy keywords as possible in their monologues. Oh, and make sure there is food. Or people making food… preferably baked goods.

A word of warning: this parody is likely to ruin every future tech advert for you. While not every ad has all the elements, you’ll probably never be able to look at commercials like this one for Nokia’s Lumia 920 (quick cuts of creative spaces and a bike-mounted phone? Check), this one for the iPhone 5, Google’s Nexus 4 or even Samsung’s S4 design video the same way again.



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