Forget ‘Breaking Bad’, this is ‘Making Pad’ [video]

Making Pad

Making Pad

What do you get when you combine a geek god with a TV series that the web has almost universal adoration for? The answer, apparently, is Making Pad.

A parody of AMC’s Breaking Bad</em>, it features Steve Jobs in what its makers (the same folks who brought you the ‘Steve Jobs: Resurrection video) call “the role of a lifetime”, as a cancer-stricken man on a mission.

In the video, Jobs partners with Jony Ive to make the most addictive substance to man: the tablet. Along the way he goes Walter White — goatee and everything — on his various competitors, including Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Mark Zukerberg, driving his camper van like a man with nothing left to lose along the way.



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