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Danny K claims SA first with album-specific smartphone app

Singer Danny K has claimed a South African first with the launch of a smartphone app to accompany his new album “Good Look”.

The app, developed and built by boutique agency Wonderland Works, can be downloaded on all Samsung Galaxy devices from the Samsung Play Store and showcases the artist’s new tracks, news, his latest music videos and some of the competitions being held by Danny’s sponsors.

In a move that mirrors the deal Jay Z did with Samsung, Danny K has also offered the album for free to the first 20 000 people who download the app. One of the 20 000 people is also set to walk away with a KIA 4X4.

The Good Look app is fed from the site, which uses WordPress as a Content Management System. Once the site is updated, it feeds through the app and updates automatically. The app also allows users to connect their Facebook and Twitter contacts and share what they’re doing on the app.

And if any of the dev geeks out there are wondering, the app merges features of web coding with the Cordova system, which creates a native coding environment and adjusts your code to “become” native before compiling it as a functioning app.

  • TIm

    Great attempt however there a problems with the app and site.

    The developers claim that it’s a responsive site. Great. But did they test it on an iPhone? No. Look how the text overlaps and you can’t easily get to the download links or see the sponsor logos clearly. Very sloppy.

    As for the app. It was designed for one spec of phone. If you test it on tablets and lower resolutions phones then you have problems. On tablets the UI doesn’t adapt to the high res of the tablet and on low spec phones the app just stalls.

    The app is 23.5mb in size. Sure it has sample tracks in the app, however over 6mb of the file size is for images for the iPhone and other platforms. Why include HTML5 assets for the other platforms when you know you’re deploying on Android. Very sloppy.

    There are a few bugs, the ply button being one. The photo gallery also is buggy.

    Lastly, Samsung is a sponsor. Why isn’t this app in the Samsung store?

    Overall, the app appears rushed and sloppy, as many of problems could be easily fixed by http://www.yellow-llama.com the app and site developers.

  • Postitnote

    Tim, when trying to promote your own company and services the best way to do that would be to compliment the efforts and offer to assist in improving… Not blasting every aspect of the existing development…

    Good job so far IMO, improvements are definitely necessary which i am sure will be addressed as soon as possible

  • Allan

    I don’t see how this is a first, many SA bands have released apps along with new albums.

    I agree with Tim, the site is buggy, for example the navigation is behind the content on mobile. The app being bloated is unforgivable for mobile. I too looked for the app on the sponsor’s app store, now where to be seen on the Samsung store. The Samsung app store reviewers most likely didn’t approve the app.

    That’s what happens when you have WordPress developers create apps.

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