Twitter stops the teasing, rolls out its new look to everyone

New Twitter

We’ve been teased for nearly a month but finally we get to have the new interface that looks incredibly familiar. As we’ve stated before the new interface takes a page from its bigger brother in the social world, Facebook.

You can update your own account right now.

It but seems a bit imposing at first, with the initial posts being far larger with bigger fonts which diminish in size as your feed goes further into the past. I’m sure we will get used to it though as we always do with new interfaces (we all know how we have initially despised Facebook changes).

What I don’t like however is the split between “tweets” being the default, and “tweets and replies” which seems to be the previous profile feed we knew. The “tweets” feed is of pure new content and statuses which I would assume is to promote new content but I stand to be corrected.

Now as a designer I love the massive new cover header that is large enough to give Google+ a run for its money (it stills wins out, but just barely because its allows gif animations). Obviously Twitter wants you to use your own personal photos but it has a few sample images in the right size just in case.

Twitter headers

Annoyingly, for whatever reason, the Lists tab is practically hidden. You will find it under the ‘More’ tab along with… well nothing. That’s it; the more tab has a list of one option being “Lists”. Why this is not the button instead of ‘More’ will undoubtedly be revealed at a later stage.

What is rather cool is the feature taken from Tumblr’s book of tricks, you can now pin a tweet to the top of your profile. Twitter says this can be used along with your regular bio to help visitors “see what you’re all about.” Though I suspect this will be taken advantage of by those who pay celebrities to promote their brand.

On the track of promotion, any tweets that get a lot of attention such as retweets, etc will appear in the larger format compared to the others.

It is an interesting shift though, and will be interesting to see how the Twitterverse reacts to it. What do you think of the new interface? Let us know in the comments.



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