11 Burns that got left bloody and battered on the cutting room floor

Every so often (that one time we were all too lazy to work) the Burn team get together to brainstorm what interesting, innovative sites we can add to our Burn family. We don’t just wake up with great ideas like Ventureburn and Motorburn you know. Thoughts and research, lots of coffee and beer go into our strategy sessions.

After much discussion we decided to let you have a look at all the Burns that didn’t quite make the cut, were we wrong to not launch these? Tell in the comments

HeartBurn: because our Miss Granger would love us to talk about all the internet’s loveables.


SideBurn: everything hipster, Barney Stinson and satirical will live here and you know you want it.


OohBurn: all the internet’s greatest burns, comebacks and high fivest high fives ( this one is for our Nur, who travels the globe leaving a trial of ooh Burns)


CarpertBurn: NSFW. Enough said.


VergeBurn: because our obsession with the Verge needs an outlet, seriously. We once proposed changing our entire site to be an homage to the Verge but we got vetoed by some people. We’re talking to you Mich.


NomBurn: Our editor’s favourite pastime, aside from traveling, is baking. So obviously this was her idea. nom nom nom nom burn…


BuzzBurn: Stuart really wants us to go in the Buzzfeed direction, some that was again vetoed. Seriously Mich, where’s your sense of fun?


‘FroBurn: we get a lot of emails about hair, we are not sure why, but Jacques thought this one could be a good idea. Give the people what they want, no?


Loveburn: Okay we may really try this out. We saw how you guys reacted to the idea of a Burn dating site… we see you, Jo’burg and London readers.


BourBurn: our brand manager Jason fancies himself a bourbon expert, we are not sure about the tagline though. We know ladies drink too


Burnt: need we say more?


DISCLAIMER: we may or may not be serious about these. Send us your ideas for new ‘burns and tell us which ones we should keep and we may nor may not use them. You know, whatever.



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