Everyone has the World Cup on the brain, including Facebook and Twitter

Brazil street

Brazil street

What is the world’s most popular topic right now? Yes, you guessed it, football and the World Cup.

As the world’s largest social network, it must be part of every experience, including the biggest sporting event. That’s right, Facebook has announced a World Cup hub, Trending World Cup.

“For this year’s World Cup, we want to give people one great place to experience the action in real time. Today we are launching Trending World Cup, a dedicated hub for fans on Facebook to follow the tournament as it unfolds,” said Facebook.

The hub keeps users updated on the latest scores and highlights from matches. It also includes an interactive feed that shows posts from friends, players and teams. For good measure there is also an interactive map that shows where fans of some of the top players are located around the world.

world cup fan map

During the course of the tournament you will also find updates from the social network’s official “official” — the Ref.

According to Facebook the Ref’s page will provide football fans with some very colourful commentary and updates about the matches as they occur.

You can find the World Cup hub here. Users can also get to the hub by clicking on “World Cup” in the Trending section on the right-hand side of their News Feed. If your friends share that they are watching a specific match, you can also get to Trending World Cup by clicking on their post.

Twitter also put out a video in the same vein explaining how users can enjoy the tournament on its platform.

“With the start of the World Cup just two days away, we’re excited to offer you even more ways to keep up with the all the action, on and off the pitch,” said Twitter.

The company has introduced a host of new features to help users keep up with the world cup. One such feature is the hashflag, which were introduced during the 2010 world cup.

“Hashflags are back, along with other features to help you keep up with the #WorldCup,” said Twitter on its blog.

“Twitter offers you and other fans around the world a front row seat to all 64 matches. Whether you’re on Twitter for iPhone, Twitter for Android or twitter.com, you can easily follow all the matches, players, coaches and more,” it said.

Everyone has the World Cup on the brains so make sure you don’t miss out. Also check out other ways you can enjoy the tournament online.



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