Dating app Tinder tries to spice things up with ‘Moments’


It seems everyone is borrowing from Snapchat these days. First it was Instagram, with Instagram Direct (which totally didn’t pan out, btw), and now Tinder.

To be fair, Tinder isn’t really trying to replace Snapchat, instead it’s just lending a few ideas to try and make Tinder more captivating and convenient. Because we all know that finding your next lover on an app just isn’t quite convenient enough.

This week Tinder is launching Moments. A feature that will allow users to upload selfies that last for 24 hours, and share them with their matches. Their hope is that the self-indulgent constitution of a selfie, combined with the fleeting nature of the feature, will encourage Tinder users to be more interactive and open to connection.

And why wouldn’t they? This new feature will essentially allow Tinder to get down to the basics, no barriers, just raw images and innate superficial connection. No longer will users be daunted by the prospect of constantly creating clever pick-up lines, now all they have to do is strike a pose, and their face will do the talking for them. It just might be a brilliant move.

Moments also has the potential to take Tinder from being an app that facilitates dating, to one that facilitates meeting people. Since you are ditching the pickup line, Moments creates opportunities for the formation of friendships too. At least that’s what Tinder is hoping.

According to Tinder founder, Sean Rad, “just because you match doesn’t mean you need to date that person; you could match with a friend who you want to share a moment with.” Cool Sean, ’cause you know we all base our friendships exclusively on looks.

Moments does sound like an awfully convenient and potentially salacious flirting feature. Snapchat was, after all, initially developed as a “sexting” app. Perhaps Tinder’s intentions with Moments are a bit more scandalous than it’s willing to admit.

Either way, Moments will act as another way to strip down the perceived barriers of dating. Something Tinder set out and succeeded in doing already. Tinder will now make it even easier for everyone to find love and lust online, without having to actually brave having a conversation.



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