This tiny birthday party for a hedgehog is the cutest video you’ll see today

Hedgehog birthday

Hedgehog birthday

Sometimes, in a mysterious and lesser-known corner of YouTube, brilliance emerges. Case in point: this video of a tiny hedgehog and two golden hamsters faceplanting into a tiny pink birthday cake.

Yes, you read that right. Following on from the success of a hamster eating a tiny burrito (which passed 7-million views), social media agency Denizen has put together another tiny food video featuring three tiny critters and a lot of icing.

From the baking of the tiny cake (which is still lovingly decorated as though it isn’t about an inch in size) to the party itself (which features banners, a piñata and chairs made out of Scrabble tiles and clothes pins), the celebrations are all captured in glorious high definition, and have gone on to rack up more than half a million views in two days.

Although the chubby little hamsters seem content to simply sit and fill their cheek pouches to the brim, the birthday hedgehog is a bit more vivacious, swiping his piece of cake to the side and eventually climbing on the table and toppling the pink confectionery. Woah there, little guy.



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