This is what happens when a homeless man walks through Cape Town for 4 hours [Video]

Homeless man four hours video cape town

A recent video of a woman walking though New York enduring ten hours of constant harassment has seemed to have inadvertently sparked a meme.

Following that, people dressing up as a drag queen and a Skyrim character have also surfaced. But this edition keeps it a little closer to home.

A new video by marketing and communications consultancy MC Saatchi Abel has been spotted on Reddit, and instead of shedding light of harassment in the Western world, reveals the plight of the homeless in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Essentially, the protagonist walks through the streets of the Cape Town, South Africa casually greeting people, or asking for small change. More often than not, he was ignored completely or flipped off by the passers-by

The video however is a rather smart marketing device that aims to promote The Night Haven Shelter, with a donation link found in the comments section of the video. It’s brilliant marketing, but also highlights the serious homelessness issue in South Africa.



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