Don’t know which Android you should have? Google thinks it does

Buying a new smartphone can be difficult. Even if you buy something low-end, you’re likely to be outlaying a fairly significant amount of capital. Google has attempted to take a little pain out of the process with the launch of Which Android, a tool which aims to help you decide which Android device you should buy.

The site starts off by getting you to select a number of categories for what you’re likely to use your phone for, including music, fitness, being productive, social media and gaming.

From there, you’re asked to get a little more specific around those activities.

If you’re in the States, you can also specify carriers.

Using that information, Google then provides with you with a list of phones, which you can further filter based on size, cost, and time since release.

Here’s what I got by combining fitness, taking photos, and web browsing among the activities I’d most like a phone to be good at (with a few not shown):

Which phone results

It seems like a pretty useful tool and it would be great if Google rolled it out to markets beyond the US.



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