Meet Bartesian, your personal robobartender

Waking up to the sound of your coffee machine starting up and brewing you a fresh cup of coffee beans you can possibly imagine, is magical. Coming home to the sound of your cocktail machine shaking a most needed cocktail, is a game changer.

Bartesian is the robot arm that uses mixes your cocktails for you.

Apologies, this is something that needs pinching or repetition just to double check that it is real.

Really awesome, the Bartesian uses the spirits you want and combined with a flavour capsule, the cocktail you needed all day will arrive shortly. You can even select a strength for those days that didn’t end fast enough, with one capsule, you decide how that day ends.

The back of the robotic bartender has four glass containers to house your four main spirits and the design is an elegant and sleek with a screen that has three buttons and no app, because it’s that simple.

Bartesian 1
 Image: Bartesian via Kickstarter

Bartesian 3
Image: Bartesian via Kickstarter

bartesian 2
 Image: Bartesian via Kickstarter

Each Bartesian Capsule is made with real, premium ingredients. Fresh juice concentrates, non-alcoholic liqueurs, and bitters, all in liquid form. There are no artificial powders or high-glucose corn syrup in these capsules and they are recyclable.

bartesian flavours
 Image: Bartesian via Kickstarter

US$249,00 is the starting price for early bird purchases to the Kickstarter campaign but for US$2000,00 you can design you own Bartesian. For now, 6 selected cocktails (global classics) have been selected for flavor productions, the menu goes as follows:

bartesian menu
 Image: Bartesian via Kickstarter

What must have been a mixture of a mad scientist at happy hour, the Bartesian’s Kickstart campaign illustrates the process of testing the creators had to go through. This brave team of party starters is made up of an internationally experienced bartender (Bryan Fredorak), an experienced mechanical engineer and product designer (Jason Neveel) and  an award winning author and our resident cocktail’ista (Dee Brun).

Image: Steve Bennet via Flickr



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