Weekly Round Up #32: ShowMax, Ashley Madison, Android One, Android Marshmallow and Tesla’s Autopilot

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This week on BurnCast, Stuart Thomas, Jacques Coetzee, Andy Walker and Graham Van Der Made discuss Naspers’ launch of ShowMax, Android One coming to Africa, Android Marshmallow, the Ashley Madison hack, and Tesla allowing drivers to Beta test its Autopilot software.

Rumours had been doing the rounds for sometime but the announcement of ShowMax by Naspers’ was still exciting. The launch itself revealed little new, the rumours had been spot on.

The news is exciting for the South African audience. With the launch came more details about the service, the costs and its full shows. The team debates the advantages and disadvantages of the service.

Android One has finally arrived in Africa. It launched in India in 2014 but finally now it is here. There is no doubt that affordable smartphones have a big market. The arrival of this phone then is important. Andy gives the lowdown on the phone and the team joins in on the arrival of Android One and the arrival of Android Marshmallow.

The Ashley Madison hack is getting ugly. An estimated 32-million users of the social networking site have been dumped online. Of that 32 million users, there is an estimated 175 000 South Africans.

The file is 9.7GB in size and was dumped to the dark web, only accessible through the Tor browser. All information is an accumulation of seven year’s worth of user details, ranging back to 2007.

Have a listen:

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