Facebook adds doodle photo editing tool to mobile app

Apart from living in a world obsessed with emojis, we also live in a world where people like to doodle. And now we can doodle on Facebook. Facebook has brought doodle, its popular Messenger feature, to the main Facebook app.

The new feature forms part of Facebook’s image editing tools and will allow users to draw on photos and images before publishing them to the social network.

Doodle is not by any means a new feature. Snapchat has enables users to scribble on images for a long time.

Using doodle on Facebook is simple: you upload an image, press edit, a pencil icon appears and you’re on your way to become the online world’s Banksy. Users can also drag their finger up and down the colour bar next to the image to select their preferred colour. To make the size of the ink from the pencil bigger, users need to drag the ink icon across the picture, this will increase the dot in the ink icon.

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As it stands, users can add stickers to their Facebook images. For a long time, uploading an image to Facebook meant uploading the image the way it is as the social network did not offer any editing tools. Facebook is beginning to take images seriously.

The platform’s image filters and their functionality are still not the greatest but considering that Facebook owns Instagram, a change to its filters might come sooner than we think.

Instagram in comparison to Facebook churns more than 80 million photos per day and Facebook claims that is sees about 250 billion photos uploaded each day.

Doodle is rolling out on iOS and Android today.



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