Adobe’s video editor app Premiere Clip finally comes to Android

Adobe Premiere, the popular video editor, has introduced its Premier Clip app to Android. The app has been available on iOS since last year but it is making its entry to Android only now.

The advancement in smartphone cameras has made it possible for users to shoot high definition and some even 4K videos using their smartphones. What has not caught up is video-editing software for smartphones. The ones that are available are either atrociously bad, have terrible UI or they crash before completing the edit, making it impossible to complete an entire short film edit or music video, let alone a film edit.

Adobe claims that Premiere Clip will make creating videos much faster and easier for the user.

The app offers nothing we have not seen in video editing apps, except for one feature that might be its selling point. The app can integrate with a computer, allowing users to make edits on the app and if they log in with the same account on a computer, they need to simply open the same project on the desktop and will not lose their edits.

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Using the app, users can choose Automatic or Freeform editing. Automatic includes the ability to produce a video out of a user’s photos and video clips. Users can, if they prefer, provide a soundtrack that the app will try and match to the edit.

Freeform allows for more control over the editing, allowing users to trim clips, drop clips on the timeline, select music and adjust music levels and the clips volume. It would be great if the app allowed users to preview the music. Right now, if one chooses Premiere Clip themes, there is no option to preview the music before putting it into the edit.

The app looks amazing with easy access to amazing looking filters, exposure, highlights, shadows, direct share button to YouTube, Twitter or Facebook, and more settings, which include crossfade between clips setting, photo motion and others. Having played around with many Android video editing apps, Premiere Clip looks to be the answer.



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