#PennySparrow: Twitter isn’t buying estate agent’s half-baked apology

Penny Sparrow, the former estate agent at the centre of a social media storm, has issued an apology for a Facebook post in which she compares black people to monkeys. Twitter though, is not buying the apology.

In her latest post, Sparrow says that she did not mean her post to be “a personal insult to anyone” and that she’s “sorry if you have taken it personally”.

She also claims that she is “not racial”, adding that she helps “underprivileged people of all races”.

As a reminder, the post which landed the Scottburgh-based realtor in hot water included lines such as:

“these monkeys that are allowed to be released on New Years Eve[sic] and new years day[sic] on to public beaches towns etc obviously have no education what so ever [sic] and to allow them loose is inviting huge dirt and discomfort to others.”


“From now I.[sic] Shall [sic] address the blacks of South Africa as monkeys as I see the cute little wild monkeys do the same pick drop and litter [sic]”.

Small wonder then that Twitter isn’t exactly buying Sparrow’s apology.

It has also emerged that in 2014, Sparrow wrote a post on You Magazine’s wall comparing the people in charge of South African state services to apes:

Penny Sparrow ape post



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